Restore World of Warcraft PVP (Player v Player)

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World of Warcraft PVP Community Speaks Out!

2017-02-23 20:34:14



World of Warcraft is a game played by all ages, races, nationalities.  This OP has played the game since its release.  World of Warcraft is a virtual universe millions around the world spend a lot of their irl time in and thousands of dollars to play. World of Warcraft is the most unique game invented to date.  Nothing else is quite like it.  The perception is that only kids play online games.  They are wrong.  This OP is 72 yo.  The oldest player I know in the game is 81.  Activision Blizzard, please recognize that WOW is all grown up now.  Yes, there are "kids" that play but the player base is as diverse as is possible and one of the most amazing Social experiments in history.  Where else can you sit in your home, play a game, and interface with people from literally all over the world, from every culture - a place we all come together to play, learn about one another, make friends.  Restore PVP to the PVPers.  You won't be sorry.  You will see your subscriptions soar.  You can save WOW PVP.

From those of us who love WOW and the social network we have formed through WOW and who desperately want you to keep WOW a place we all want to congregate and give you our money for the privilege of doing so.

Give us the experience we have come to love and not this cookie-cutter, copy and paste from other mmo games.  Keep WOW unique and wonderful.

Sign this online petition to Activision Blizzard and the Game Developers at World of Warcraft and help us help them restore WOW PVP to a gamer destination.



Hydra Premades

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