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Update on SJC Return to Fall Sports

2021-04-20 03:04:45

It has come to our attention that the wording referencing  the withdrawal of funding at the end of this petition is to"harsh" for some parents to sign and is keeping them from standing up for our children. We need to remind everyone that we played nice for over a year, abided by the rules, gone along with all of the protocols, adjusted our schedules and adapted quietly and patiently. We have written letters, attended zooms and voiced our concerns yet NOTHING has changed in our children's favor! Remember, our wishes were never taken into consideration with regard to Spring sports and neither will they be with regard to Fall sports. The decision to cancel sports was never presented to the Athletic board and decided between 4 administrators. This is not going to change without your response. Many of the newer families don't realize this, but SJC has only had football for a few years, we fought hard for it and were gifted by a former SJC family with the funds to make it happen! Please understand that if football doesn't return this Fall it will be very difficult to bring back after a 2 year abayance! Please think about the devastating effects these lockdowns have on our children and continue to stand up for them and for future SJC families. 

Parents of SJC

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