State University of New York COVID-19 Booster Mandate

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Saturday Update

2022-01-22 12:49:04

Thanks everyone - we're almost at 900, heading towards 1000 signatures!

We heard yesterday from one of the signers that NY Rep Karl Brabenec is on our side:


From: Karl Brabenec
Sent: Friday, January 21, 2022 9:21 AM

Subject: Re: SUNY Covid Mandate

Thank you for your email, the Assemblyman has asked that I reply while he's in Albany.

Please know that the Assemblyman is completely against these mandates believing that the vaccines and boosters should remain a personal choice.

We thank you for the heads up regarding the petition, we'll be on the lookout for it!

Suzanne Edzenga
Executive Director


We should all be contacting our representatives about this petition and see what they are going to do about it!


I was told there is a Facebook group, SUNY Parents United For Change, but I can't find it!


I'd like to reply to some of the comments to yesterday's announcement as well as inquiries received:

(1) Could you please forward to SUNY Cortland

Yes, I will mail it to them on Monday.

Dr. Erik J. Bitterbaum, President  SUNY Cortland  | P.O. Box 2000  | Cortland, New York 13045-0900

In the meantime - call them up! 607-753-2011


(2) Can we file a suit to block this mandate in the SUNY schools? I know time is short.

I'm all for doing anything and everything that could be effective in fighting this!

There should be a class action lawsuit, but we need to put our heads together and figure this out – find a lawyer who is willing to do this, and then ask petitioners to become members of the class.

In the meatime we can take our own actions, such as writing claims against all of the school presidents, every member of the Board of Trustees, and the chancellor. If we act at the school level, this could have the effect of the schools being then forced to exert upward pressure on the state government to drop the mandates.

If you are new to the idea of going after public officals via their surety bonds, please check this website:

Here is another great website some resources that may help us on this issue. If you have time, please check it out - nothing specific to state universities, but i have adapted one of the documents, the "Notice" and will email it to anyone who requests it.


If you are one of the petitioners who signed and commented that you recently had "COVID" - you may be able to get a medical exemption and go back to school – call your school's health office and see if they can help you.


As a reminder, here is the page with the contact info for all of the presidents:


More resources:


Keep posting comments, questions etc - if we keep communicating, we can collaboratively work towards effective action! Get in touch if you have questions or need more information!


Friday Update

2022-01-21 13:53:32

If you haven't already phoned SUNY school presidents, please do so ASAP!

You can call any and all school president's office and read them the entire petition, read them the petition comments, ask them any or all of the 20 questions posted in the announcements here, ask them your own questions, express your outrage.

Insist on speaking to the president - if they refuse, speak to the president's staff or assistant.

The petition was mailed (with a detailed cover letter) to the SUNY Chancellor and to the presidents of Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, and Purchase. I am a team of one, and doing the best I can – but I need help. I will keep mailing the petition and the cover letter every free moment i have. Once the petition hits 1000 signtaures, I will email it to as many presidents as I can find email addresses for.

Make your own cover letter and follow the instructions i provided yesterday! If they get multiple copies of the petition in their mail that illustrates the importance and will make them take notice.

Shame them on Social Media.

Find The Bonding Agency for the Presidents, Chancellor and Board of Trustees

These people are all in breach of their Oaths of Office. Find their bonding agent, and begin writing claims against their bonds. Ask in comments if you want more information about this!

Call The Governor

Tell her about the petition, read it out on her voicemail.

Governor Kathy Hochul

Phone: (518) 474-8390, (212) 681-4580
Hochul only takes voicemail. Call anyway!

Fax (518) 474-1513

Shame her on Social Media

Twitter: @GovKathyHochul


Call and Email SUNY Presidents & Deborah Stanley Today

2022-01-19 13:30:24


Occupy the phone lines. Blast them with emails. Make our voices heard with firm unrelenting pressure.

Here is an email you can send to a SUNY president:

Dear ____,

I would like to bring to your attention a petition that was created to voice opposition to SUNY’s COVID-19 Booster Mandate. As the president of a SUNY school, I call upon you to take immediate action at this time in response to this petition.

It is of critical importance that you visit the petition online to see the over 800 signatures and the comments from a diverse community of students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and prospective students. 

Because of the popularity of this petition, it appears on the homepage.

If you wish to see a copy of the full list of petitioners, you may contact the organizer of the petition through the petition's page and they will setup a meeting with you and bring you the list of signatures and comments in person to your office.

We hope that you will take time to read the enclosed petition, as well as the numerous heartfelt comments, statements of fact, and appeals to reasoning that have been expressed by the petitioners on the petition page.

Thank You For Your Prompt Attention To This Matter,



You can also contact the SUNY Chancellor by email or phone:

Deborah Stanley
SUNY System Administration, Chancellor
State University Plaza, Albany, New York, 12246
Phone: (518) 445-4225


Please post comments here about your calls and emails to the schools!


Keep The Pressure On

2022-01-18 16:03:43

We will continue to keep the pressure on the SUNY schools to stop this mandate. If you called yesterday, thank you – some offices were closed for the holiday, but we were able to get through to some offices. Please keep calling today.

They are likely to tell you that they have no choice and that this is a directive coming from the governor. That doesn't matter – each and every school president needs to know that we don't agree with this mandate, they need to stop and listen to our valid concerns, and the facts that we are presenting. They need to hear this so that their complicity is documented – this puts them on notice.

When you call them, you can tell them about the petition, read it to them, read some of the comments, ask your own questions, or use any or all of the 20 questions we presented in yesterday's announcement.

These schools are getting state funding with the caveat that they have to comply with these mandates – this effectively puts a bounty on everyone that the mandate applies to, especially our children who attend SUNY schools. 750 people is significant, and is a small percentage of of the community that actually signs petitions – our numbers are much bigger than 750. That's a lot of tuition and housing that will be pulled from them if they don't back down.

Some schools may even be receiving funding from big pharma. Any school that is receiving big pharma money, where the president of said school is mandating the booster could indicate a conflict of interest. This could be a violation of the SUNY code of conduct that school officers (presidents, etc) swear an oath to, when taking their position.

Engage with them on social media – below are some of the social media accounts for the SUNY system. Make your voices heard there as well. Post a link to this petition.


We Just Hit 500 Signatures!

2022-01-17 14:02:43

Hello Supporters of Freedom and Truth,

Thanks everyone for signing - we just hit 500 signatures!

As you may be aware, many free email providers (gmail, aol, yahoo) are blocking (censoring) mail, and this is no exception. Around 20% of the messages coming from are being re-routed into spam/junk or marketing folders. This is why you may not have received a confirmation about your signature on the petition, and why you might not get a notification when we post an announcement. If you do receive this, please continue to spread the word far and wide across all social media, and your own contacts.

The most important thing now is our Monday (Today) Call-In Action which begins now!

Please see the 2nd announcement that details this and I hope you will join in and spend some time today calling into as many SUNY Schools as you can – you can express your own sentiments about the mandate, or use the petition as a guideline, or even read off some of the public comments. Besides that, we have assembled 20 questions that you can pose to these schools so that we can get some answers.

We do ask that everyone be polite and calm when making these calls. The facts are on our side.

We will win this if we stand firm, and put these schools all on notice that they cannot get away with breaking the law.

Resist, Defy, Do Not Comply!




SUNY: Drop The Booster Mandate - Statewide Phone Action

2022-01-17 12:53:39

SUNY: Drop The Booster Mandate
Statewide Phone Action

Monday January 17th - ALL DAY

Calls To:

  • Every SUNY School President
  • SUNY Board of Trustees
  • School Health Departments
  • Deans of Students

Presidents Are Here:

Once you click on the president, you can find the phone number - examples:



Listed below are 20 questions and talking points that I came up with. But you can simply use the key points of the petition when calling and not use any of these. Or make your own questions. These are just suggestions. I have made every effort to research and verify the information in these questions and in some places have provided URLs to further reading.

At this point, I think we all deserve some answers, and especially if they are using coercion to get our kids to go and get injected with something that nobody even knows what is in it.

Keep them on the phone, and get them to start thinking about the absurdity of it. We want their phones ringing off the hook starting at 9am, January 17th, 2022.

Record the calls, or write down their responses. Get names of the person you are speaking with.

Let's occupy their phone systems!


Can you please explain how students getting a booster shot will help something? Please explain in detail what you think the benefit of this mandate/requirement is.

Possible talking points:

The “vaccine” has never been claimed to stop transmission. 
The “vaccine” has never been claimed to prevent “catching” the “virus”. 
Students in the college age range have very low risk of getting sick.

The CDC and other public health officials have recently indicated that vaccinated individuals can get infected and spread virus at similar rates to unvaccinated persons. Because of this, there have already been tens of thousands of “breakthrough cases” reported throughout the world. Can you please identify the purpose or goals of your policies? Given this information, could you please explain why your policy distinguishes and discriminates between and against vaccinated and unvaccinated persons? Given this information, could you please explain how vaccinated individuals – who pose just as great if not greater threat to our community – are not subject to more rigorous “safety protocols”? Please provide the school’s written policy on this, as well as copies of the information and data the school relied upon to come to these medical conclusions.

Was the school/university coerced in any way by the state government to comply with NYSDOH recommendations? Coercion could include expecting compliance (e.g. mandating boosters) to receive state funding. Please tell us if there is a bounty on our children.

Now that there has been a SCOTUS ruling that essentially means the government cannot mandate vaccines to the private sector, wouldn’t it be better for you to drop the mandates now, before any class-action lawsuits are brought against the SUNY system? Such lawsuits could well result in massive claims for damages and the resignation of top administrators such as presidents of the schools? Can you explain what reasoning you have for not dropping the mandates now?

We know people who had adverse reactions, and we’d like to decline this booster. Will that be OK and what is the process to get a waiver?

What type of medical exemptions are you accepting – is a positive test considered a medical exemption?

Can you produce the contract that would require a student to receive an experimental medical procedure in order to attend your school? We do not recall signing any such contract. If you can’t produce the contract, then by what means can/will you enforce your mandate?

Can you produce the housing contract that states a booster is required to live on campus. Did you know you cannot change a contract after it is signed and finalized – doing so the contract, you would now be in material breach of contract.

Why are you not accepting religious exemptions for previously vaccinated students? Please explain why you are breaking state and federal laws expressly granting that right. Are you implying that anyone who complied with a vaccine mandate has now rescinded their right to a religious exemption? It seems that you are implying that from your statement.

Why are you not accepting natural immunity? Please explain. (Is it because natural immunity would cause the logic behind your mandate to collapse?)

> In the past, natural immunity has been more exhaustive and robust than vaccinated immunity. Given that the school’s blanket mandate compels community members who have already contracted and recovered from COVID-19 to receive a COVID-19 shot, is it the school’s position that natural immunity is less robust or protective from SARS-CoV-2 than the immunity currently offered by the currently-available COVID-19 shots? Please provide the school’s written policy on this, as well as copies of the information and data the school relied upon to come to these medical conclusions

Are you aware that there are verified deaths from the COVID experimental gene therapy, what you call a “vaccine”? You can see these statistics by visiting To date, there are over 21,000 reported deaths from the vaccine. (

Did you know that if a vehicle has a safety issue, it can be reported to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), and if a safety issue is found, the manufacturer must recall the vehicle. Why haven’t the vaccines been recalled - do you think that if 21,000 people died from from driving a particular type of vehicle, wouldn’t that vehicle have been recalled by now?

Are all of the administrative staff at the school also mandated to receive the booster, or do they have a choice in their own medical decisions?

Since the injection still falls under an EUA license and is not FDA approved, what legal reasoning are you using to mandate this (experimental medical procedure) for college students.

Are you aware that using coercion to accept a medical treatment is prohibited by the Nuremburg Code, as well as CFR - Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)  - Subpart B - Sec. 50.20? Did you know that if you are a party to using coercion, you can be charged with a federal felony under these rules?

Following my previous question, are you aware that the package inserts on the EUA vaccines are blank? Doesn’t this preclude informed consent? And without informed consent, doesn’t this make it illegal and prosecutable under FDA rules cited above? Does the university have a complete list of ingredients that are within the vaccine so that we can see if it is something we want to have in our body? Isn’t this common sense?

Since there does not appear to be any informed consent provided for the booster shot, shouldn’t the students have the option to decline it?

Can the university hereby state that it has in it’s records, proof that a COVID “virus” exists, and that it is basing it’s mandates on these records of proof of existence of a virus. To date, we have not seen any proof that the virus exists. Are you aware that the New York State Department of Health is one of 137 institutions that has failed to provide or cite even 1 record describing SARS-COV-2 purification by anyone, anywhere. Are you aware that there is now a reward of 1.5 million Euros to anyone that can prove the existence of COVID? (

Ask the school to send the proof that the virus exists to your email address, or text it to your phone. If they cannot provide this proof, then ask them “what is the vaccine for, if there is no virus proven to exist?”.

Did you know that under 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb-3: Authorization for Medical products for Use in Emergencies, that no Emergency Use Authorized medical device can be mandated, this includes, but is not limited to, all COVID-19 shots, all masks and other forms of face covering, and PCR testing. Instead, the option to accept or refuse all products is required.

Are you providing the option to refuse the product?

Did you know that all elected and appointed officials in the SUNY system, like presidents, must take an oath of office, and are bound by Public Officers Law?

Did you know that an oath of office states “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States.”

Supreme Court decisions have made explicit that the right to “refus[e] unwanted medical care” is “so rooted in our history, tradition, and practice as to require special protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Therefore if the president’s booster mandate is contrary to the constitution, do you think the president has violated his Oath of Office? Do you know what the penalty for that is?

I would like to hereby inform you that if the mandate is not removed immediately (we give you till 9am tomorrow morning), that we will put in the hands of every student, parent and employee of your university, the claim against the president’s bond. Once the claim is made, the president’s insurance company will be on notice of a pending lawsuit. We will sue in federal district court under Title 42 1983, civil action for deprivation of rights under color of law, in both his official and individual capacity. We will seek compensatory, and punitive damages for negligent infliction of emotional distress, as well as coercion to a medical experiment. We will seek $50,000 per student.

If there really is a COVID (Sars-COV-2) virus, as you seem to believe, then that means that any face mask must now be considered regulated medical waste. Does the school treat used masks as regulated medical waste, and if so do you follow the state guidelines for disposal of this waste? If not, and masks are allowed to be disposed of in regular trash, then you will be in violation of New York Public Health Law (PBH), Chapter 45, Article 13, Title 13 addresses the “Treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste”.
“Regulated medical waste shall not be disposed of by burial at a landfill disposal facility, unless treated in accordance with subdivision one of this section.”

The fines for this can be very high – anywhere from $50,000 to millions, depending on the severity. Besides the state medical waste regulations, you may also be liable for violating OSHA’s guidelines for worker safety as it pertains to waste labeling and handling - simply because if these biohazard masks are put in regular garbage, then you are putting the sanitation worker at risk, and they will be able to make a claim with OSHA.


Will the school cover any and all medical costs that might arise from a vaccine injury?
If we were to send you a contract/counter-offer to the effect that you, as the mandating institution, will take full financial responsibility for any adverse reactions, will you sign it?

As you might be aware, the VCIF (Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund) does not cover injuries that occur from an EUA licensed product.

Have you reviewed the available databases of material adverse events reported to date for people who have received COVID-19 shots?
Potential and reported adverse events include death, anaphylaxis, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, other long-term chronic diseases, blindness and deafness, infertility, fetal damage, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Could you please provide the long-term safety data and studies relied upon by the school in making its determination regarding how these shots could affect my/child’s health?


Did the school consult with a provider licensed to practice medicine in New York State, in drafting its SARS-CoV-2-related masking, testing, and injection policy(ies)? If yes, please provide said individual’s medical license number, date of issuance, date of expiration, current status, and history of any discipline or suspension.



More questions here (but refers to California laws):


Thank You For Signing - Action Tomorrow

2022-01-16 22:06:35

Thanks everyone for signing this and for your comments. Our petition is picking up momentum.

This will be mailed on Monday (tomorrow) to the SUNY chancellor and to every school president for every school that was filled in on the form.

Beyond the utility of this petition, it has united us in a common purpose - people have reached out by email and there is even talk of a class action suit.

We have something big planned for tomorrow. Get ready to start calling every SUNY school office of the president! A lovely little call-in to last all day and help politely educate them.

We have assembled a list of 14 "questions", or "did you know" type comments, and will put them here first thing tomorrow morning for your reference.


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