A petition to license, insure,safety training and a road use tax for road bicyclists on marked and main roads and routes

A petition to create legislation for the licensing,registration, insuring , safety training,and a road use tax for the use of road race style bicycles on marked and main routes throughout the state.

To insure the safety, proper use and training of both the drivers of motor vehicles and bicyclist themselves

with the growing popularity of the sport the roads have become crowed with bicyclists and generally on weekends with increased auto and bicycle traffic the roads have become overwhelmed and untrained unlicensed,untrained and uninsured bicyclists have become a hazard to not only the safe flow of traffic but a danger to the bicyclist themselves and with the heavier volume of bicyclists a fair share of the tax burden to maintain the roads for their use.

this would NOT include neighborhood bicycling and children

this would include targeted enforcement including 

licence ,insurance and safety training card checks and impedeing the flow of traffic

Untrained bicyclists ride in the middle of the road slowing and backing up the flow of automobile traffic causing a potential danger to themselves and not only to the traffic behind them but also oncoming traffic as the motor vehicle attempts to pass.

A trained bicyclist understands the dangers and knows he is supposed to ride single file in the shoulder or roads without a shoulder as close to the edge as possible.


Let's keep our roads safe for vehicles and bicycles alike!!

bicycles have the right to SHARE the road....

they should also share the RESPONSIBILITIES!!!

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