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Petition to restore TFX tokens to minimum USDT value with immediate effect

5373 Created: 2023-01-15 Statistics

Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu

366 Created: 2023-01-11 Statistics

Stand with Safoora! Support her MPhil completion!

2053 Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Urgent call for Palestinian Comprehensive Democratic Elections

223 Created: 2022-07-01 Statistics

petition to bring back ms fatat

6 Created: 2022-01-26 Statistics

Cancel CBSE Term 1 Boards

341 Created: 2021-12-06 Statistics

Stop the killing of people and burning of homes in Aghem-Wum, NWR, Cameroon

178 Created: 2021-10-25 Statistics


2126 Created: 2021-09-30 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

73320 Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

Relisting XUMCoin (XUM) in CoinGecko

2126 Created: 2021-09-27 Statistics

Stranded UAE Indians wants to return to their families and Jobs

82 Created: 2021-07-03 Statistics

ජනතා පරමාධිපත්‍ය බලයේ වැදගත්ම අංගය වූ චන්ද බලය ජනාධිපති මැතිවරණයේදී වංචා කල මහින්ද දේශප්‍රිය නීතිය හමුවට පැමිණවීමට බල කරමු !

4083 Created: 2021-06-27 Statistics

Halvempi koronavirustesti omiin kotimaihinsa matkustaville! Affordable Covid19-test for travelers reaching their own home countries!

1838 Created: 2021-05-09 Statistics

Ban of cosmetics testing on animals

26 Created: 2021-04-21 Statistics

Lives over exams! Stand for Student safety!

1217 Created: 2021-03-21 Statistics

Pledge to Consume Sustainably Produced Products

10 Created: 2021-03-09 Statistics

The People V HM Government for False Advertising surrounding Covid19

18841 Created: 2021-02-01 Statistics

Stop unauthorised destruction of private property!

837 Created: 2021-01-28 Statistics

عقد المواطنة بين اللبنانيات واللبنانيين

465 Created: 2020-11-16 Statistics

#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality

4840 Created: 2020-10-10 Statistics