The US congress should abandon their communist allies in China and RNM and condemn the bulgarian genocide committed by the government of RNM starting on 1/7/1945

Reshenie_na_ASNOM_za_mak_pravopis.jpgStarting on 1/7/1945 and in the month that followed the government of the Republic of North Macedonia brutally executed 23000 innocent, unarmed bulgarian men women and children, deported 120 000 men to labor camps and raped tenths of thousands of women - one member for each bulgarian family. Even today thousands of human remains lay unburied on the bottom of lake Ohrid and lake Prespa without proper identification or burial. Until the actual scale of this genocide is revealed and condemned and the dead are honored by the government RNM, history is bound to repeat itself in modern times. After the wars 1912-1918 the Serbian kingdom acquired territories from the Austrian and Ottoman empires inhabited primarily by croats and bulgarians (as well as some albanian and muslim population). The kingdom proceeded to arrest and kill the teachers, doctors and preachers in each village. Hundreds of thousands of bulgarians found refuge in neighbouring Bulgaria until a border fence was erected. The border regime was stricter than that of west Berlin and the korean DMZ, with thousands of separated families and people, including children, shot on site on suspicion of fleeing the country. During the war 1941-1944 the bulgarian army destroyed the serbian wall and liberated the territory of RNM. However during the soviet occupation of Bulgaria 1944-1948 control of the bulgarian inhabited territories were given by Stalin to Tito who signed off on the plan for genociding one member of each bulgarian family in order to prevent post-war revolts. On 6/7/1945 the macedonian language was invented and self-identifying as bulgarian became dangerous.

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