An easy process for selling your diamond ring

If you have a diamond ring that you plan on selling for one reason or another, we strongly advise you to first do some additional reading on selling options now available. A diamond ring is a great value and if it is a rare stone, the figures can sometimes go to 6. If you want to sell the diamond ring because you really need the cash, then you should at least make sure that you obtain a good price for it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of ways in which you can be tricked and lose a big part of the actual, real value of the ring, so you should first gather lots of good info on all the options available and see which one suits you best.


For example, did you know that auction houses will offer you a price quote but they hide the fact that they practice a 15-20% seller fee from that quote? They intentionally choose not to tell you this because they know that there won’t be enough people to move forward with them. What they do is incorrect, so you should absolutely avoid working with an auction house. If the auction house tells you that the market value of your ring is $,5,000 expect to only receive around $4,000 in case the ring is actually sold. The difference is huge and not what you expect, so I think that it really is best to avoid working with an auction house. So, what should you do instead? Which is the right way to sell your diamond ring and actually get a correct price for it? Well, I chose to sell my diamond through a retail store. There are plenty of retail stores that buy diamonds from you only to further sell them to someone else and they will tell you, right from the start, that they have a 5-10% fee. The fee is much smaller than the one practiced by auction houses and these stores are at least fair and present you all the fees right from the start.

If you are worried that these stores are not going to tell you what the real, correct value of the diamond is, you should know that they all work with GIA certified Gemologists and it is these professionals who establish the value of the diamond. In this way, you get rid of all the concerns that there must be something fishy with these retail stores. There’s nothing fishy about them! They truly are correct. You should absolutely learn more about the retail stores in your area and contact one of them. Choose a retail store that has excellent feedback from former customers, as it is clear that such a store is trustworthy and that it deserves your attention. You should absolutely obtain the biggest price possible for your diamond ring and it is only with the help of a retail store that this is possible. Check out the best ones in your area, as I know that there are a few worthy of your attention. 

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