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Abandoned building for Church at Sun City

  The church at Sun City is doing amazing work in a difficult environment.  They currently meet in the staff social club, but could really do with their own building, as they are restricted as to when they can use the building.  There is an abandoned building right there, but they are experiencing some opposition to their taking it over. It seems such a waste, when the church could transform the area from a breeding ground for criminal activities, to a place where young people can meet and soci

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Please show your solidarity by signing this petition to show the goverment of Venezuela we will not accept this injustice to go unnoticed. The world is watching MADURO! The charges brought against Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López smack of a politically motivated attempt to silence dissent in the country, said Amnesty International. “Venezuelan authorities must either present solid evidence to substantiate the charges against López or release him immediately and unconditionally,” said

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Dear Sony Entertainment Network and Insomniac Games   Please re-open the Resistance's servers We want to continue to play Resistance games, so people from all resistance , please sign this petition, and let's try our best, to keep our beloved Resistance 2 online after the closure date 08/04/2014.   We are willing to cooperate to maintain the Resistance's servers online.   Resistance was one of the best selling platform games ever created and sold. Thousand's of people still play Resistance. Hund

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Josh Groban América latina te espera !!

  Para warner Bros Warner Music En América latina hay muchos/as fans con ganas de conocerlo y poder escucharlo en vivo. Es nuestro deseo que pronto nos incluya en una gira . Hace años que lo estamos esperando   To warner Bros Warner MusicIn Latin America there are many / as fans wanting to meet him and to hear him live.We hope that soon we include in a tour.For years we are waiting  

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