In recent years, every single day these two coffee/tea brands have been using discarding tens of thousands of single-use plastic and paper cups, even for in-store customers (Please note that single-use paper cups are lined with a plastic layer inside and therefore are no better than plastic cups, if not worse since they cannot be recycled). Plastic waste has been damaging the environment, the ecosystem and human health. Vietnam is currently the fourth-largest contributor to marine plastic pollution in the world, and the fact that drink companies like Highlands Coffee, Phúc Long Coffee & Tea still continue to serve single-use plastic cups even for in-store customers does not only show ignorance towards the environment, but also to customers’ long-term health impacts.

In the context where more and more countries in the world are banning single-use plastics, there has several consumers’ campaigns against the overuse of plastics towards these two brands in Vietnam, the responses to which, however, have been generic and without any concrete roadmap for change. On behalf of the community of those who wish to live in a clean and safe environment, Nói Không Với Túi Nylon (meaning Say No To Plastic Bags) would like to create this petition with a goal of obtaining 100.000 signatures to demonstrate to these drinks companies that we Consumers object to their current plastic use policy and ask them to respond to us with a clearer roadmap to stop serving plastic/paper cups to in-store customers. By voicing up together, we hope other food and drinks chains/store will also consider and soon move forward changing their policy and minimizing single-use plastics, because this is vital for saving the environment and our own health.

Please note that this petition was created with the hope that food and drinks chains will apply more environmentally-friendly policies to their products and services, not to call for boycotting or trashing them (On behalf of those who love their drinks but have opted to stop buying from them due to their plastic use)

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