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Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) Petition

We are asking for your help and your signature on our petition. The striking Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) is being irresponsible towards its members and the country. They need to stop this madness !!! People are hungry, children are not going to school, businesses are closing and crime in the platinum belt is increasing

Workers want to go to work. They want to pay their debts and provide for their families , workers have also said they want the strike to end and workers are living in fear of losing their jobs, it gets hard physically and emotionally

“Some members want to leave Amcu to join other unions because they are tired of the strike. If the companies move, we are prepared to take R8 000 a month for now. That is the mandate we have given our leaders," an Amcu member with Implats said on Wednesday . “The offer is good; the problem is we want to go back to work but we are afraid to get killed,” a worker wrote but instead AMCU President Joseph Mathunjwa says “We're striking until we get what we want, We want to intensify the strike”

Let’s all not be surprised when the strike ends and there is one of the highest retrenchment rates in the mining industry we have ever seen in SA. Like a wise man once said, "unions never create jobs but are very good at destroying jobs"

It is now time for the government to step in !!!This is not just a dispute of a wage increase .... it is the downfall of a country!

Reasons for this petition :

Massive Unemployment

Big and Small businesses closing doors

Economy of the country affected

Our target number of signatures :

We need 100 000 signatures - we need to have more signatures than what there is striking workers to make the petition worth the efford.


Quote :

"To stand for something you believe in are never a waste of time. Like the strikers are doing right now.... Standing for what they believe in. But they were given their chance and its time to move on now. We as the the rest of Rustenburg will make a stand now that we will no longer tolerate the destruction of Rustenburg. Like they are standing as one we will stand as one and get the people back to work and save this beautiful town of ours."

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