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Reopening of The Belrose Club outdoor family and playground area

Our community has been deprived of the outdoor family gathering area of The Belrose Club for long enough now. We fail to see the rationalle behind this continued closure as this was a gathering hub for many locals where we could enjoy being seated outside to have a beverage and dine while the children were free to play in the playground. Northern Beaches Council has a duty to listen to what the community wants and we want to have the option to use this space while supporting our local Bowling Cl

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I and my cosignatories appeal to the Australian government to redress wrongs to which I was subjected in your country. My name is Gabriel, and I am a French citizen from Guadeloupe. Previously, I have worked as a sergeant for the French federal police force and had an excellent service record. I moved to Perth in January 2016, arriving alone, to obtain Australian citizenship. Starting in January 2018, my ability to work and study in consonance with my visa requirements was compromised by setb

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PETÍCIA podľa článku 20 ods.2 písm.d) Zmluvy o fungovaní Európskej únie (ZFEÚ) do rúk Rady Európskej únie na základe iniciatívy členov Združenia pre zdravú a spravodlivú spoločnosť (Združenie) a v spolupráci s Pro Libertate VO VECI: UMOŽNENIE RIADNEHO VYŠETRENIA PODOZRENÍ Z PORUŠENIA ÚNIJNÉHO PRÁVA A KORUPCIE A S TÝM SÚVISIACE ZBAVENIE IMUNITY PREDSEDNÍČKY EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE P. URSULE VON DER LEYEN A ROZPUSTENIE EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE   Upozorňujúc na to, že:   1)        Výbor pre reguláciu zdravotn

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Petition to the Beale / Cookman faction to cease and desist from falsely acting as SCSA Committee members

On 17 November 2022, Steven Beale, David Cookman, Cathy Edmunds, Karen Cookman, Paul Reilly, Paul McNab, Paul Thomas, and Gary Allan were removed from the Management Committee of SCSA by an almost unanimous vote conducted at a Special General Meeting attended by 100 club members. Since then, Cathy Edmunds has messaged the members from her personal email announcing a general meeting for 3rd December. Paul McNab has messaged the previous committee anouncing a committee meeting. These people do not

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Caloundra House - Major concerns for residents and neighbouring community

Attention Residents – if you would like to support my attached letter, with the aim to improve the day-to-day operations, safety and location of the Caloundra House Facility, for both the residents and our neighbouring community, please sign this petition.  Terry Landsberg has kindly offered to present this petition on the 8th Decemeber at the Sunshine Coast Council Ordinary meeting. Our petition aims to inform SCC's leadership of our concerns, regarding the private operation of Caloundra House

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We NEED a dance remix of the Olivia Newton-John & Dolly Parton "Jolene" duet!

With the recent sad passing of pop ICON Olivia Newton-John, and her posthumus duets album coming out early in 2023, fans are most excited for a long-over duet with Dolly Parton of a song that was a big hit for BOTH of them, "Jolene." Now with Dolly's continued popularity, the time is right for a DANCE REMIX of this duet of "Jolene" and to bring it in to the dance clubs! It is a classic song that everyone loves and both ladies are gay icons, so the gay clubs would grab hold of it fast! Olivia's l

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Aerial spray for mozzies in Echuca

Petition to ask Campaspe Shire to aerial spray for mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes in Echuca so we can enjoy the area over summer. Control and reduce the number of mosquitoes that can spread viruses. This can reduce your chances of getting sick. Control and reduce the number of nuisance mosquitoes that bother people but do not spread viruses

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قدردانی از حامد اسماعیلیون

آقای حامد اسماعیلیون گرامی ما، جمعی از فعالان سیاسی و مدنی برون مرزی، بدینوسیله قدردانی خود را از تلاش‌های مستمر و خستگی‌ناپذیر شما به عنوان سخنگوی «انجمن خانوادهٔ قربانیان پرواز پی‌اس ۷۵۲» برای سازماندهی و ایجاد هماهنگی در راهپیمایی‌های خارج از کشور در حمایت از جنبش انقلابی مردم ایران اعلام می‌کنیم. اندوه ناشی از مصیبتی که به شما و سایر خانواده های داغدار پرواز ۷۵۲ وارد شد، گرچه بسیار عظیم بود، اما شما را در سوگ متوقف نکرد و به انگیزه نیرومندی برای زنده نگاه داشتن جنبش ظلم‌ستیزی و رسیدن به آزاد

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Road Safety at Boldrewood Pde / Broadway Intersection

Reservoir residents are demanding changes to this dangerous intersection located close to a state primary school, senior citizens’ centre and other community facilities.A group of concerned residents recently met with 2022 Victorian election candidates, and Darebin councillors, at the intersection to see for themselves the lack of safety for users of the roundabout. Darebin Council’s Darebin Advocacy Platform 2022 includes specific reference to this issue: ‘Fix the safety issues at the Boldrewoo

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Retired Greyhound Enclosed Run Area

We adopted two ex racing greyhounds, Sally and Conrad, about six months ago now and have discovered that they are the absolute BEST dogs. We adopted them from GAWA and were told not to let them off the lead and be a bit wary of them around other dogs, especially little fury ones, : )  so went on the hunt for an enclosed area where we could let them do zoomies. We discovered Zoomie Land in Cannington and took them once but, from Scarborough, it's a bit of a trek. Morley Vet has an enclosure behin

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Flood Free Access to Yippin Creek

Currently the Yippin Creek Bridge is flooded in significant and not so significant storms, leaving the residents with no access to town.  Access is also flooded along Beechwood Road east and west of Yippin Creek Road locking the residents in.  In addition, the intersection at Glenview Dive and Beechwood Road is unsafe due to poor sightlines. When Glenview Park Estate commenced, in 2013 and also in the earlier 2010 DA approval, the Beechwood Road bridge over Yippin Creek was marked to be upgrade

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Please help me get my dogs back

Please help me to get my dogs back! My partner and I split up and he has decided to keep my fur Babies. These are my service dogs that I raised as my ex was at work they are Daschunds and should not be left alone for more than 4 hours or they fret! My ex works 8 hour days and due to a heel injury he can not walk them as I do daily! Like dogs should be!  He's keeping them to hurt me!!  Anyone that knows me knows these are my dogs and how close and cared for they were!  Please sign this so I can l

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Justice for Melanie and Beau

   On the evening of September 14, 2022, Melanie, the world-renowned singer, and her son, concert guitarist and musical accompanist Beau Jarred were treated unfairly by Sabine de Veer-Peters, the manager of hotel Bastion in Arnhem. For addressing, the poor cooking of dinner the hotel manager asked them to leave the hotel and called the police. The first two police that came into Melanie’s room expected the seventy-five-year-old singer to leave her room within five minutes. When this failed these

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Allow John Alexiou to run for Devonport Council

I am asking everyone to sign this petition to show our support for Councilor John Alexiou and ask that he be considered to be allowed to run in the upcoming Devonport Council elections. John has made an honest mistake and deserves to be allowed to run and represent his community for this upcoming term of council. Many people have benifited and felt heard over his last term of council so please give him this opportunity to continue his great community work.  This Petition will be handed to the TE

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K-mart to remove offensive and scary halloween figures to a corner of the store from the entrance

We love K-mart and the amazing products they have to offer. However, I am finding it difficult to go in and out of K-mart without my children having to see terrifying dolls. They have commented multiple times that they are "Scary". Are these the kind of things that we want our children's minds filled with? Children are highly sensitive and easily influenced. I'm not talking about cute pumpkin cut outs, I'm talking about dolls with faces that should be seen in MA15+ or R rated horror movies.  We

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To Preserve & Protect Observation Rock, Stewart Island / Rakiura.

Observation Rock provides the most accessible, unhindered and unobstructed view of the outstanding natural beauty of Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island / Rakiura. The Department of Conservation has undertaken a project with a number of parties to develop a viewing platform and interpretation panels / signage to “…greatly improve the visitor experience…”  A number of locals, in particular, long standing residents believe that any development at Observation Rock is unnecessary and will detract from th

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Bring back the old chicken parmi at browns plains hotel

This is a petition to bring back the old chicken parmi at browns plains hotel they have changed to a different supplyer and the parmi is half the size of the old ones and taste is no where equal to the old parmi so come on sign this petition to get the old parmi brought back 

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Fix the ROADS so we don’t have to fix our CARS

Cardinia area - kooweerup - Tooradin - south Gippsland hwy plus MORE..... the pot holes are out of control & needs to be action taken NOW someone will end up crashing due to these hazards    OUR CARS HAVE TO BE ROAD WORTHY SO SHOULD THE ROADS    fix before people are hurt or die 

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Handball as an Olympic sports

There are only so many reasons to include handball, also known as the classic downball into the Olympics. Firstly, it is played by many young Australians. Secondly, there are few competitive games for this sport that requires a tedious amount of skill. Finally, the sport would consume more interest compared to other games. Therefore, why should this sport be sugar-coated from the Olympics?

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Safer Road for Hazelwood North Primary School

WE WANT THE ROAD OUTSIDE OUR SCHOOL TO BE SAFER FOR EVERYONE Do you believe this is something that needs to happen sooner rather then later? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION AS THE MORE SUPPORT WE HAVE THE FASTER WE CAN MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.   *Speed zone reduced to 40kms. *Better signage to show school is ahead and children crossing.  *Road to be clearly lined and marked. *More car parking space.  *Safer areas to walk to gain access to and from the school when car is parked. *Safer crossing for every

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