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SUPPORT OUR CAMPAIGN BY ADDING YOUR NAME TO OUR CALL TO ACTION: 17 May 2020 In September 2020, seven artists of Chinese heritage were appointed by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) in Manchester to co-design a Revisioning Project that would address equality and inclusion, and the future relevance of the organisation. CFCCA wanted artists in a central role to ‘shape their future and solve the issues of underrepresentation in the staff team’.  What followed was a series of events tha

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Save Kurshonbrooke Lodge

In signing this petition, I, the undersigned, expressly offer my full support for Kurshonbrooke Lodge, and wish for it to be noted that this facility should remain open and in operation, supporting children in the community for generations to come.   

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Seal the Roads - Coongulla

By signing this petition, I am expressing my willingness for Wellington Council to proceed with the sealing of all roads in Coongulla, Victoria, 3860. I am also the rate payer for the mentioned address.

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Beat Street - extended version

Beat Street is a 1984 American drama dance film featuring New York City hip hop culture of the early 1980s, breakdancing, DJing, and graffiti.  Considered one of, if not the best, movies to document the hip-hop culture, it has inspired people from around the world.   The movie has a lot of extra footage, that had been edited out of the original theatrical and subsequent media releases.  This footage includes: - a full extended dance battle at the Roxy  - the classroom scene  - the diner scene -

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Moreland Council commission an independent report on Synthetic Turf impacts

We, the below residents, request that City of Moreland commission an independent report on the Environmental, Social, Health and Economic benefits, costs, and impacts of synthetic turf, and to compare and contrast this to natural grass or existing surfaces, for good governance decision making as per the overarching governance principles of the Local Government Act 2020.   Image: Clifton Park (Brunswick) synthetic turf field with black crumb rubber infill. The surface temperature of 60.4C measur

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RESOLVED!!! Change in IDAS setup on Isuzu DMAX

WE HAVE A RESULT! CONGRATS TO ALL SIGNATORIES!! From IUA directly as a result of our petition: All 22MY D-MAX models feature a new Lane Support System (LSS) Switch, located on the steering wheel. To assist current owners of 21MY D-MAX and MU-X models, the Lane Support System Switch functionality can be retrospectively applied to existing models upon request and is at no cost to the customer. For more information please contact your local authorised Isuzu UTE Dealer.  In the event that an authori

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A Change for Jennie Poole❤️

 In memory of JENNIE POOLE.  "Jennie's Law" A new law to protect people in abusive relationships early on,more funding for better services and support for those in need and their children effected by abusive partners.Give the power for tougher penalties and longer sentences for those found guilty of domestic abuse.Too many people suffer in silence behind closed doors everyday in Ireland and it's not ok it's need to stop.we can't let what happend to Jennie and her family happen again.A change in

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Fight to retain weekly bin collection in Maitland

Maitland Mayor Loretta Baker (ALP), Deputy Ben Mitchell, Cr Ranadive and all Labor Clrs voted 28/4/21 to change the red bin collection to be fortnightly. The Penfold Independent team, plus Clr Halliday and Clr Griffin opposed it though lacked numbers. From 2024 the green bin will allow collection of food organics and be collected weekly. The red bin collection frequency is now resolved to change at that time. 

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Bye bye Family Zone

Pymble Ladies College is forcing all students, Year 2 to Year 9 to download an application called Family Zone. This will send weekly reports to our parents showing them what websites, apps and web extensions we have used. It has the ability to permanently shut off out laptops if our VPNs are on as well. What the school has failed to recognise is the fact that many children are in situations where they use the school laptop for support and through the use of web extensions, they remove their dead

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Grant Baby Haven the Care Deserved: Petition California Children Services For Additional Home Health Skilled Nursing Support

As most of you know, Haven was born 100 days early and weighed less than one pound. He has had 14 life threatening surgeries and more procedures than we can count. After spending eight months in the NICU, Haven was able to join his family at home. Even though he was able to go home, he still needed medical care. Medical care that home skilled health nurses had to help with. Now, the state is reducing his skilled home nursing care to nothing. While it may seem like he is a thriving toddler at fir

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