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Stop 200% Rate Rise - Fix Finances - Change the Council

Are you sick and tired of an uncontrolled council, spending money like on their next credit card, while asking asking you to pay the bill at the end of the day!   We have put the key points together for you and request the plans are being changed and the failed community consultation being redone. Sign here and we will send the comments on your behalf to the Council and Minister for local Government, Barnaby Joyce, Janelle Saffin, NSW Premier, all councillors and more.

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Hervey Bay - Swimming Lagoon or Safe swimming enclosure

Many other places have one ! Why not us !! The need for a safe swimming enclosure or lagoon type development in Hervey Bay would be a great addition to our already beautiful beaches and another tourism drawcard. Our beaches are fantastic but seem very inaccessible to those with disabilities or accessibility restraints. It seems only fair that everyone should be able to enjoy the opportunity of our beaches. At present there are no facilities that accommodate access for those with higher needs. Pl

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Evusheld will save 500,000 Australians from Covid infection.

The Immunocompromised are not expendable. Please help us. Over half a million Australians take medicines that suppress our immune systems. Even with full vaccination we lack the antibodies to help us fight COVid infections.  AstraZeneca developed a monoclonal antibody called Evulsheld that deliverers us copied antibodies that give us 6 months protection . Australia only received 36,000 doses for over half a million of us . Until we get this medicine we're forced to self isolate. I miss my family

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Support to Further Allow Side Saddle in the Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules

From the 1st of July, there will be changes to the way gear rules are delivered across Pony Club in each state. Moving forward, gear rules will be set by Pony Club Australia as a National set of rules and not by state bodies as currently done. Presently, side saddles are allowed to be used for pony club rallies and competition as well as in open sections at competitions/event run under pony club rules. For many side saddle riders, pony club has been one of the very few avenues (especially in Vi

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Justice for rape victims

I would like to start this petition in the name of a girl named semina halliwell who's devastating story I first come across on TikTok, Semina was bullied and groomed online ending in her taking her own life at just 12 years old. I didn't know Semina personally but the grieving I have seen her friends and family going through I would like to try and help get justice for this poor girl and many other females/males around the world. In my petition I would look to make a stand for sentence time to

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Stop Meg ford from messaging everyone non stop !!

Myself along with all of my friends family even my ex's have been getting non stop messages all hors if the day and night. I am happy to live her life to her fullest with whoever and where ever she likes. but the continuous messaging and harassment talking about me to anyone associated to me including my family friends has to stop. She will even add people she doesn't even know but because she knows the are associated to me she will do so and start talking to them. she did this to her last frien

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Knox Soft Plastic Recycling

There is currently no commercial solution in the ACT for recycling soft plastics, we want to change that. In a small trial The Knox collected roughly 1,200L of soft plastics per week which would otherwise be going to landfill. Signing this petition will help us lobby government and private providers to bring a solution to the huge amounts of soft plastics currently going into landfill in the ACT. Together we can make a difference.  - The Knox Made in Watson

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Please help us to receive better medical and follow up Care and Services of Arachnoid Cysts here in Australia.

My name is Leonie Axton – Hooper, I am asking for your help.   We are very behind here in Australia with treatment of patients with Symptomatic Arachnoid Cysts. It is always difficult to receive treatment as many Drs are led to believe they are non-symptomatic and not the cause of a patient's symptoms.   Due to outdated medical literature many patients have found they have not been told of findings of an Arachnoid Cyst on their brain because when undergoing a brain scan for symptoms many radiolo

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      This petition has been created as it has been revealed Guy is unable to renew his contract! This is due to Guy requiring 12 weeks leave to follow one of his passions, with his new contract not granting this time of leave required. Six of these twelve weeks will be during the pre-season, which has been sorted with surf sports. This outcome has been decided without following the Surf Sports Committee advise about Guy’s situation in the off season, where a solution had been put in place for m

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Perth Tasmania Pump Track

The Perth Community continues to grow and is in need of community facilities for our community.  We seek to establish a pump and/or bike track to give children and youth a space where they can ride.  The plan is simple:  Put together a proposal, seek community and Council support; work to receive funding for the project and see the track built. As part of the process we want to show that the community wants this to happen.  Please sign this petition so that we can use your voice to add to any gr

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