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Everyone in Geelong knows how greatly loved the Yeah Boy green machine pizza has been over the last few years. Many of us have grown to become reliant on this gastronomical masterpiece and the potential loss of this gift to our local community saddens many of us. Please sign this petition if you believe the green machine should stay on the Yeah Boy menu for all to enjoy, let’s avoid future generations missing out on this delectable treasure. Please spread the word!! 🍕🍕🥦🥦

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Say YES to the Wollongong Workout Park Project !

We aim to construct the largest, most versatile open air gym experience in Australia… right here in Wollongong! The infrastructure we have imagined will be fully inclusive, all accessible and free to the public.  A user focused design that offers professional quality equipment and a diverse range of options for people of all ages and skill levels. Please support us by signing this petition in favour of this outdoor community exercise station to be constructed within the area of Wollongong's Nor

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Let Qantas flights operate between Australia and India

There are very limited flights operating between Australia & India. More than 5000 people are stranded in India needing to return to Australia and many more are looking for flights to travel from Australia to India.This impacts families, students, PR holders and their parents, Australian Indian residents and more.We raise this petition to respectfully request the Government of India to lift the travel restrictions to and from Australia, allowing Qantas to serve the thousands stuck between I

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Televising the NRLW

NRLW DESERVES TO BE TELEVISED We are collecting signatures to get the NRLW televised. With the introduction of 3 new teams (Eels, Knights, Titans) the women's league has had a major increase in its fan base. Unfortunately, the games aren't televised and many people are missing out on watching the competition. If the games are televised, it will help promote the game grow substantially and get a lot more young ladies playing rugby. lets all sign this Peterson to let media know we want to watch th

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We the petitioners express our alarm and emphatic opposition to Noosa Council plans to develop the current treed parkland area along Toulambi St. Noosa Heads, for construcion of accommodation units said to be for provision of low cost or subsidised residence units for homeless &/or intended or current employees of hospitality or other businesses in the area. Specifically this petition relates to those blocks once designated as #30 & #32 Toulambi St and any part of what might be currently

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Say NO to the UTAS Vaccine Mandate

In late December last year, the University of Tasmania introduced a COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. For unvaccinated students and staff, this mandate has made tertiary studies and work unavailable to students and staff on campus.  A student and/or staff member of the University of Tasmania should have equal rights to education and work regardless of their vaccination status. While the vaccination status of anyone is a personal health concern, we'd also like to remember that an educational institute ca

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Vote Mark Charles as Store Manager of Sunglass Hut Canberra Centre

All in favour of electing Mark Charles as the new official Store Manager of B788/3528 Sunglass Hut Canberra Centre, please sign to give your support!

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Free the refugees

Hi everyone,   We're sitting here watching TV and social media hearing about all the refugee and asylum seekers held in detention in hotel rooms alongside Djokovic.   What will we all do when the spotlight is off the celebrity tennis player? Will we forget those left in detention?   Can you imagine what it would be like to continue to be incacerated with no hope of freedom? No we can't and as Australians we would not let this situation continue once we have looked it in the eye.   Release peopl

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Bring back the Happyfield Happy's Fish Filet for the People!

It's been twenty weeks and counting since we last had the pleasure of eating Happyfield's Happy's FISH FILET. It's time Jesse & Chris and the crew of Happyfield brought back possibly the best fish sammich ever! What's a Happy's FISH FILET you ask? Well it's a delectable concotion of crisy crumbed fish, on a Martin's potato roll with housemade ume plum sesame tartar sauce, American cheddar, pickles and lettuce. It was originally served with a side of Happy Fries and housemade soda during Syd

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Remove the LNP from power immediately.

Little needs to be said about the reasons for removing the LNP from the leadership of this country immediately. The reasons are well known by the entire population. The primary motivation for this petition is self-preservation and the protection of the people. The LNP in their abuse of the leadership role represent a clear and present danger to the people of Australia and must be removed immediately.

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