Most popular petitions in Australia in 2013

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Bring back Police Liaison Officers to our schools

Petition to help stop bullying in all our schools in Australia. With the help of the police, and for the police to have more presence in our schools, in hopes to put a stop to school bullying and assault. we would like for a police liaison officer to be available to go to schools to talk to students about the harm bullying can do, and also to work with schools to help make better plans to deal with these situations

Created: 2013-09-14 Statistics

Flashing 40km/h Sign for Merewether Heights

Merewether Heights Public School P&C Petition to NSW Department of Roads & Maritime Services For a 'Flashing 40km/h Sign' to be installed in our School Traffic Zone. I, the undersigned, support Merewether Heights Public School P&C in their request to NSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services,for a Flashing 40km/h sign to be installed in the surrounding School Traffic Zone. We believe, Scenic Drive particularly, presents a major road safety issue in relation to speeding vehicles

Created: 2013-06-24 Statistics

Unfair Policing in Context Exam JSB284

This is a petition for the policing in context exam, which was made up of questions that were loosely related to the content covered in the weekly lectures and the study guides. It appears most questions were specific details from the readings or information that was briefly stated or probably never said in the lectures. If you feel this was an exam that was unfair and that you could not possibly have prepared for, I urge you to sign this.

Created: 2013-11-17 Statistics

STOP Multipurpose Community Facility in Kingsway, Dee Why

This petition is intended to STOP the building of the proposed Multi-purpose Community Facility in 36-48 Kingsway, Dee Why. The site is currently occupied by a Council car park.  On Thursday the 11th of April during the General Public Information Session they informed us of the following points: 1. The capacity of the actual car park will be increased to 400 vehicles tripling the actual number of cars. This will bring three times more traffic, pollution, and noise to the area. 2. In the same ar

Created: 2013-04-23 Statistics

Ban Tail Docking on Dogs in Ireland

The Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013 plans to allow members of the public to dock tails and remove dew claws from puppies. Vets are not allowed to perform these acts of mutilation and members of the public should certainly not be permitted as they have no access to pain relief. Please sign to make this barbaric practice illegal.  

Created: 2013-11-10 Statistics

Support Men's Resource Centre - Men's Health Preferred Provider

There is significant evidence to show that the quality of life of rural men (and families and communities) is far behind their urban counterparts. The Men’s Resource Centre Executive Committee have identified 5 key priority issues in men’s health that still need attention over the next 5 years, these are: Cardiovascular Disease Cancer Respiratory Disease Dementia Diabetes These key priority issues need to be realistically addressed as soon as possible and we believe the Men’s Resource Centr

Created: 2013-10-30 Statistics

Increased Security Presence in Secret Harbour, WA

The residents of Secret Harbour feel that their suburb is suffering from a dis-proportionate amount of Crime and do not feel safe. The signatories petition the City of Rockingham and the WA Police Force to do more to provide a more secure and crime free environment in terms of providing a more visible presence. Notwithstanding that the residents are eager for long term strategies to be put in place this particular petition is urging that the WA Police and the City of Rockingham urgently provide

Created: 2013-11-20 Statistics

Petition for the immediate withdrawal of the Licensing Regime

DO YOU USE THE INTERNET? TIME TO TAKE ACTION We, the undersigned, petition the members of the Parliament of the Republic of Singapore and the Minister of Communications and Information Mr Yaacob Ibrahim as follows :   Background and Preamble On Wednesday, 28 May 2013, the Media Development Authority (MDA) announced that online news sites with more than 50,000 unique viewers from Singapore a month would be asked to put up a S$50,000 performance bond and “comply within 24 hours to MDA’s directions

Created: 2013-05-31 Statistics


HE WAKA PUPŪ, HE WAKA WAWAO,TŪ, TŪ KARANGATĀ! PETITION & CALL TOACTION FROM THE WAIROA HAPU SETTLEMENT TRUST On behalf of NGĀTI KAHU, NGĀTI RANGI AND NGĀTI PANGO Many of you would have received a letter from the Ngati Ranginui Iwi PSGE informing you that they have dismissed the mandated Wairoa hapu representative from the Iwi PSGE. The representative is our Kaumatua and long time advocate of ALL Wairoa Hapu, Te Ruruanga Te Keeti. This is the result of a long process in which we feel adamant

Created: 2013-11-14 Statistics

Stop the Gun Range at Rocksberg! Sign this Petition!

Have you ever been to the swimming hole at Zillman's Crossing? Have you ever enjoyed the quiet picnic area by the bush with your family. Did you know that the Sporting Shooters Association has an Application to Council for a Shooting Range just across the road? Did you know that every Wednesday people will be driving past Morayfield State School with guns in their cars? Did you know that you only have until until 11 October to object? Have a look for yourself at the Notice Board on 1168 Cab

Created: 2013-09-28 Statistics