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skate park/dee why

Please consider signing this petition in the hope that Warringah Council agrees to build a skate park for all the hundreds of local kids desperate for their area to have a designated "skating area'. Hopefully either at the northern end of the beach reserve(behind Dee Why Surf Club, or possibly the park near Hawksbury Ave,close to Pittwater Rd. Currently all the kids have nowhere close-by, and are all having to use the common beach areas, or have to travel to either Manly Vale or Manly and furthe

Created: 2014-03-17 Statistics

Help get permission for Conrad to own a therapy dog in Bellamont Gardens

    Help get permission for Conrad to own a therapy dog in Bellamont Gardens       We are requesting that the Body Corporate review their policy of "no animals" at Bellamont Gardens. This is an infringement on the rights of the disabled who may be in need of a seeing, hearing, service or therapy dog.     Conrad is a seven year old boy with Autism. His Mom applied for permission to get a therapy dog, provided by South African Guide Dogs, from the body corporate for her son who has extreme anxiet

Created: 2014-05-06 Statistics

Acknowledgement for Babies born before 24 weeks

I am fighting for the memory of my son Jacob Jaxon-Lewis Mclean, who was born at 18+3 week gestation on the 24th October 2013 at 9.10 and lived for twenty minutes. I was informed that i get no acknowledgement because he was born before 24 weeks gestation. I never stop fighting for my son, and in the end I was granted a birth and death certificate. A grieving parent should not have to extend their greif and heartbreak even more, in the UK a baby born before 24 weeks subsequently dies within 28 da

Created: 2014-03-22 Statistics

Campaign to force the CPS to review decision RE Summer Mai

Over two years ago today Summer died through no fault of her own. She dies after suffering "blunt force trauma" injuries to her skull. Other than falling from her cot and jumping back in again several times these injuries are as yet unexplained! It's reasonable to say these were more than likely inflicted on Summer by a third party at or around the 12 hours before her death. With Summer at this time were her Mother, and her mothers boyfriend. Up to present no one has ever been charged with Summe

Created: 2014-03-05 Statistics


We the undersigned, request Mike Ashley does the decent thing. And sells our club ,Someone Please Comes in and buy our Beloved Newcastle United., and ends the misery of the most loyalest fans in Football.  

Created: 2014-01-28 Statistics



Created: 2014-02-09 Statistics

"Fitwear Bike Giveaway" - Was it a joke?

Hey guys,After the scandel has erupted & the dust has settled. We'd like to hear from the public if you believe that the whole status was nothing more than a laugh. There were no terms and conditions, no set winning criteria, no set drawing instructions, no exact specification of what was to be won / when it would be delivered etc.Based on the Original post & the comments below it:We want you to sign this petition if you believe the Fitwear had good intentions & this Bike Giveaway wa

Created: 2014-07-05 Statistics

Stockport County

We the undersigned, fans of Stockport County Football Club, hereby call upon the shareholders to implement change and stop the decline of the football club by taking the following actions:- 1. The removal, with immediate effect of Mr Ryan McKnight from his position as CEO. 2. All "non active" Shareholders to relinquish their position and carry out the promise of removing the debts. 3. The aforementioned Shareholders to offer their shares for open sale. 4. The Board to openly discuss all "concern

Created: 2014-03-12 Statistics

Petition to Deny the Application of Preeta Bansal

To   Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Office of Governor of New York State Capitol Albany, NY 12224.   Dear Mr. Governor,   We the undersigned oppose the nomination of Preeta D. Bansal, Esq. to the New York Court of Appeals.  A judge on the State of New York's highest court must be rational, have sound judgment and demonstrate an ability to assess facts in a non-prejudicial manner without presumption.  We believe that, based on past actions and decisions taken and made by Ms. Bansal, her possession o

Created: 2014-10-01 Statistics

cortisol monitors for adrenal insufficiency patients

reaching out to the makers and designers the insulin monitor to please design a cortisol monitor for adrenal insufficiency patients

Created: 2014-03-06 Statistics