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release saber murad back to his kids and family

  hi my name is Saber Murad , i am currently detaind at villawood detention centre blaxland area . i am 29 years if age and have been in australia for the past 16 or so years , i have two kids aged 8 and 9 years of age who are an australian born , i have three sisters and 2 brothers who are australian citizens and my step mother and father are too, iv been in detention for almost five month now after my permanent residency visa was canceled under the 501 law , i was out side in the community for

Created: 2016-08-07 Statistics

Save the 29 trees lining Ladies Mile Highway, Queenstown, NZ

Please sign this petition to save the 29 trees lining Ladies Mile Highway in Queenstown from being cut down. The Delta Power Company says they need to be cut down as they are growing in to overhead powerlines.  Surely there is a better solution to this such as moving the lines or putting them underground. The trees create one of the most elegant approaches to any town in New Zealand. Click to read the news article:

Created: 2016-02-05 Statistics

Xavier Rudd and Cat Empire Tour to Far North QLD Feb 2017

Lets get North QLD added to the tour schedule! Wednesday 8th Feburary 2017 

Created: 2016-11-16 Statistics

2016 Westgroup Christmas Party DJ JOHNNY MAV

To cure the christmas party boredom and get DJ johnny mav on the decks playing some filthy chooonz untz untz                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Created: 2016-07-28 Statistics


The amazing tour is not on fire sold out Australia wide in a matter of seconds. It's not fair that we waited years for this so please sign and we might get some extra dates 

Created: 2016-06-24 Statistics


THỈNH NGUYỆN THƯ Của Quân, Dân, Cán, Chính Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa hiện còn sống tại Quốc Nội hay đang lưu vong tỵ nạn Cộng Sản trên khắp thế giới. Về việc Trung Cộng dùng sức mạnh quân sự đe dọa Biển Đông và Cộng Sản Bắc Việt vẫn tiếp tục đàn áp nhân quyến. Kính Gời :       -     Ông Ban-ki Moon, Tổng Thư Ký Liên Hiệp Quốc -         Các Nước Thành Viên đã ký kết Định Ước Quốc tế về Hiệp Định Hòa Bình Paris 1973 -         Các Quốc Gia trên Thế Giới từng bang giao với Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa 1954-1

Created: 2015-07-13 Statistics

Social movement of Iranians کمپین مردمی ایرانیان برای جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران

     کمپین مردمی جلوگیری از برداشت غیر قانونی اموال ملت ایران در امریکا جناب آقای بان کی مون دبیر کل محترم سازمان ملل متحد ما امضاکنندگان این بیانیه به‌عنوان جمعی از ملت ایران درخواست داریم که به نامه اعتراضی دولتمان به جنابعالی در مورد حکم دادگاه‌های امریکا درباره برداشت غیرقانونی دو میلیارد دلار از اموالمان در این کشور کاملا توجه کرده و از این امر که خلاف رویه بین‌المللی است به‌شدت و قاطعانه جلوگیری فرمایید    الحملة الشعبیة لمنع الولایاتالمتحدة عن سحب غیر المشروع من الممتلکات الشعب الإیرانی

Created: 2016-05-16 Statistics


HILLSIDE JUMPER CHANGE I need as many names as possible from the Seniors, Reserves & u19's who support the jumper change so that i can hopefully present the petition to the comittee in 3 weeks time. The jumper has a couple of changes      Front - No shark - All white around neck and arms  Back - Top half white - Teal strip through middle - Black bottom - Black numbers - HFC at top

Created: 2016-10-17 Statistics

Protect St George & Prince Tadros Church

  ***SCROLL DOWN FOR ARABIC TRANSLATION*** IMPORTANT INTRODUCTORY NOTE Firstly, if you receive this petition and are not a member of the congregation of St George & Prince Tadros who attends or contributes to the church, we respectfully advise, this matter does not affect you or your children, please do not participate. This petition is intended solely for our congregation to allow them to have a say (be that supportive or otherwise). Please do not read any further. Thank You and God Bless.

Created: 2016-12-22 Statistics

Grimm S6 should not be the last

I belive that Grimm season six should not be the last season of the amazing show. I always watch Grimm each night it is on and in my spare time I watch it too and would love it to have more seasons and if you belive it should too please sign this petition. 

Created: 2016-08-30 Statistics