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Petition for special consideration for the unit BEH3161

I hereby agree with the outlined evidence within the attatched document 

Created: 2016-06-09 Statistics

Install bollards outside all shops with perpendicular car parks!

Recently I was involved in an accident where my daughter and I were hit by a car while we were inside a shop.  If there had of been bollards in front of the car parks, which are perpendicular to the shop, we would not have been hit and our lives would not have turned upside down!  It has come to my attention that accidents like this are happening more often than we realise.  Often no-one is seriously injured (thank goodness), but let's not wait until someone is killed to do something to prevent

Created: 2016-05-18 Statistics

Thesis Extension

Please indicate your support for an extension of our fourth year thesis to Friday 28th October 2016 at 4pm. (Please note this would not stop you from hand it in earlier if you want!)

Created: 2016-10-10 Statistics

Stop shopping trolleys littering our parks and playgrounds!

For too long now our parks, sidewalks and playgrounds surrounding STANHOPE SHOPPING VILLAGE have been littered with grocery trolleys due to others laziness.    I am petitioning that all trolleys in the shopping center are fitted with wheel lock systems to stop them from being removed from the center.    More than once I have contacted both the management from Stanhope village and Coles, but my efforts seem to always fall on deaf ears.   Lets all get together to have this issue fixed for the bett

Created: 2016-03-13 Statistics

Support The Sale of Tafelberg School to PJJD School

By signing this petition I confirm my support for the proposed disposal by the Western Cape Government ("Province") of the Tafelberg School Property in Sea Point to the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School (PJJDS). The proposed disposal has substantial benefits for a wide variety of stakeholders including the local community, Sea Point residents, local businesses, the Province and the City of Cape Town more broadly. These benefits include:   1. Proactively breathing fresh life into the Tafelberg Sch

Created: 2016-05-22 Statistics

TRANSLINK BUS FOR MSM & MARIST - Eatons Hill / Albany Creek +

Request for a much needed Translink Bus from Eatons Hill / Albany Creek / Bridgeman Downs plus surrounding areas to Ashgrove (Mt St Michael's College (MSM) and Marist College). Two services each way are requested Monday to Friday.  The first sevice would arrive about 7am and the second service would arrive at about 8.15am. The return services would leave about 3.20-3.30pm and the second service would leave at approximately 5.00pm travelling along Wardell Street / Old Northern Road / South Pine R

Created: 2016-05-10 Statistics

To Jail the two Deaf paedophile sisters!

This petition is asking for support in the Worcester court case of two Deaf paedophile sisters, who abused a boy over 14y years, reported in national newspapers on 19th August 2016.  The Judge in this case: Robert Juckes, decided not to jail them because they are Deaf and would be isolated in prison! We, in the Deaf Community cannot accept this judgement, it is wrong on all levels and makes Deaf people look like they have no idea between right and wrong!  But we do!  These sisters knew perfectly

Created: 2016-08-21 Statistics

Reinstatement of Jarron McInnes as TECT Park Ranger

We the people whom have signed this petition demand the: Reinstatement of Jarron McInnes as TECT Park Ranger, And placed on paid suspension, and carry out an independent investigation into the incident on 12 January at 10pm at TECT PARK The investigation to include, but not limited to, any and all contributing circumstances and events, protocols performed or real, policies and processes relevant to TECT PARK and the rangers role. To include the incident and all WBOPDC staff processes that resul

Created: 2016-02-20 Statistics

Kalydeco and Orkambi: Our Cystic Fibrosis Warriors fight for life saving wonder drugs Orkambi and Kalydeco.

My name is Angela Ryan, my husband is Darren, we have 3 amazing kids, one of whom is our 4 year old daughter Chloe. She has cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a life limiting genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system along with many other health complications that are caused by having this awful disease. there are two drugs called Kalydeco and Orkambi, these two wonder drugs have the capability of giving those who suffer with cf a better quality of life. They are miracle drugs

Created: 2016-11-11 Statistics

Jacob Sartorius Eyebrow Project

Jacob Sartorius was born with a rare illness, NoTalent Syndrome. This has made his eyebrows fly off to be with somebody who actually has talent and isn't a 13 year old pretending to be 19, and hot. Everyday of Jacob's life is hell. He has no eyebrows to protect him. And he is constantly reminded of other people's eyebrows which make him depressed so he makes more's with shit captions. Please sign this petition to help get Jacob some eyebrows as he is in desperate need.   k thanks

Created: 2016-04-14 Statistics