Most popular petitions in Australia in 2016

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Created: 2016-05-26 Statistics

Preservation of Italian language at Jyväskylä University

Italian kielen säilyttäminen Jyväskylän yliopistossa. Jyväskylän yliopisto aikoo luopua italian oppiaineesta kokonaan. Tällä hetkellä Jyväskylän yliopisto on ainoa yliopisto Helsingin pohjoispuolella, jossa on mahdollista opiskella italian kieltä aineopintotasolla, ja valmistua romaanisen filologian maisteriksi italia kieleen liittyvällä gradulla.    Jos näin tapahtuisi, yliopistotasoinen italian kielen ja kulttuurin opetus olisi rajoitettu vain Turun ja Helsingin yliopistoihin. Italian niemimaa

Created: 2016-04-15 Statistics

Batuta and Gonçalo Carvalho to the Olympics

To FEI Dressage Committee and Executive Board In the Dressage Olympic Ranking Rules published at 2014-12-18 is written: “The FEI has the right to accept reasonable exceptions to these rules, in the interest of the riders and the sport in general. The FEI Dressage Committee may decide not to include the scores obtained at an event in the rankings, should the event not have been organised in accordance with general principle of fairness. The Executive Board should confirm the decision

Created: 2016-03-10 Statistics

Traralgon College Stadium Needs Air Conditioning

Exams at Traralgon College are coming up soon and will be held in the stadium which has no air conditioning or anyway of keeping the students cool on the hot days. This can be very dangerous for the students. No one wants to take their last breath then die of heatstroke at Traralgon College. So please give help so we can do something about this immediately because if not someone might die of heatstroke.

Created: 2016-11-20 Statistics


Over 57 million unborn children have been killed, That's 155 babies per hour. About 1 every 24 seconds, can you imagine the rise in that if the QLD abortions rules change Can we remain indifferent to such immense human slaughter? NO. Living beings come into existence all at once and gradually unfold their world of innate potential. A living human person begins to exist at the moment of conception, even though only as a cell. What is important is not the accident of size or weight but the essence

Created: 2016-05-11 Statistics

DIANA & ANDY Barbu Racolta Save Them from Adoption

Unlock right to happiness these Barbu's family children .Drama , whose children were abducted by the authorities in Haringey London, caused the collapse of family and much suffering children who always complain that they would back home. "To notify the authorities in London, and international organizations that protect fundamental rights and freedoms human and children, I decided to start a petition. It will be handed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron, European Parl

Created: 2016-01-12 Statistics

fat belly politicians pension

Why is that an average pensioner gets their pension cut for having an investment property and if that property is over 820,000 dollars they do not get any pension at all? Whilst our fat belly politicians who have retired get a 6 figure pension no matter how much their investments are worth. This is costing the tax payer more than 40 million dollars a year. So someone that was a tax payer that payed for this can no longer get looked after by the government. Is this fair? No no no to cutting the a

Created: 2016-10-08 Statistics

Have R. Tragedy perform at The Menai, Burnie!!

This petition is to show who would like to see Crunk Pop artist R. Tragedy play his first live show for the people of Burnie, Tasmania.  R. Tragedy is best known for his songs "Pandas Are Scary!" and "Full Krew" With a setlist that goes for an hour, with some great lights to accompany the show, it is bound to be a great performance.

Created: 2016-12-30 Statistics

Weston Fire Station Closure. Weston N.S.W Australia

There is talk that Weston fire station 497 is to close and relocate to Abermain, We the people ask that this not occur and we keep Weston operational. In light of recent fires, we think Weston is a necessity. 

Created: 2016-12-21 Statistics

Make Will Lawson stay

sign the petition and make everyone's favourite loveable big guy stay at the company with his consent!!

Created: 2016-09-12 Statistics