Most popular petitions in Australia in 2016

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Created: 2016-05-30 Statistics

Support the idea of ​​the Family Homesteads Settlements (FHS) in Europe and worldwide!

Family homesteads settlements - A new global Consciousness The idea behind ​​the Family homestead settlements is that each human can live a joyful life on Earth. They remember their free and joyful creation, a birthright they can share with the land on Mother Earth. It is suitable for people of all nationalities, all religions and it is able to be adopted for almost all areas of the globe. We wish to further inform you of Family homesteads and its intention More than 15 years ago, Russian famili

Created: 2016-05-12 Statistics


As we all know, Daniel Sharman and Indiana Evans are the AFTERNATORS dream Hessa. Daniel will most likely be up for the role and be our Hardin judging from the way he is being interactive with us via social media. But unfortunately, we cannot say the same for Indiana. From the start of the AFTER books, Indiana has always been Tessa in our imaginations, so we NEED to make it happen and bring our imaginations to real life. Nothing will be more perfect than seeing both Daniel and Indiana on the big

Created: 2016-01-10 Statistics

Stop Iron Sand Extraction in Sigatoka and save our communities: K2

Ni sa Bula Vinaka, A massive sand extraction is due to begin in 2017 starting at Kulukulu Village, the greater Sigatoka river mouth and its surrounding waterways, right up toward the town and adjacent land and villages from the town to Kulukulu river mouth. This sand extraction will affect the local fish stock as well as white bait spawning, crabs and all other sea creatures that thrive in the waters and sand banks, tributaries, mangroves and swamps of the Sigatoka river. If we do not stop this

Created: 2016-12-19 Statistics

World Scout Jamboree Japan - Memorial Package

Dear everyone, Unfortunately, Evi and I missed out on the official Japanese Memorial Package. However, this didn't stop us to contact the Japanse organization to inform if it would maybe be possible to order another Memorial Package anyways.Unfortunately this wasn't possible, unless... We could find a large group of people who, like us, missed the ordering deadline. If we can gather a big group together, the Japanese organization will consider a second edition of the Memorial Package! Wouldn't i

Created: 2016-05-16 Statistics

Sigmundur Davíð, þér er hér með sagt upp störfum!

 Reykjavík, 26. Mars 2016 Hæstvirtur forsætisráðherra, Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson. Þér er hér með sagt upp störfum. Þér er sagt upp, sem forsætisráðherra þessarar þjóðar og við krefjumst þess að þú víkir nú þegar. Ástæður uppsagnarinnar, eru fyrst og fremst dómgreindarbresturinn sem þú hefur sýnt í þínu starfi, sem og skortur á siðferðisvitund. Þú hefur vísvitandi blekkt okkur, ítrekað logið að þjóðinni og þar með gerst brotlegur við okkur öll. Gleymdu ekki að við erum yfirmenn þínir. Gildi ok

Created: 2016-03-26 Statistics

Bonds and Tokidoki collaboration

I'd love to see Bonds release some Tokidoki zippies! Please sign and share so Bonds know this would be well worth their time

Created: 2016-09-25 Statistics


كمپين حمایت از اميرحسين مقصودلو و تلاش براي گرفتن مجوز و فعاليت هنري امير در ايران  همه كساني ك امضا ميكنن حتما عضو کانال بشن طرفداراي واقعي بايد تفكيك بشن وما اين امانت رو به امير خواهيم رسوند

Created: 2016-08-24 Statistics

MAF should exonerate Santi Samuel's Taylor

I am a member of the Kina Addicts Group on Face Book and I am starting this petition to send to MAF to exonerate the charges against  my cousin Santi Samuels Taylor. The following text is copied from my nephews plea. *PLEASE READ EVERYONE**PLEASE READ EVERYONE* Hello everyone Im Santi's son.In december my mum had drawn and delivered her first raffle, once it was over we had a visit from MAF, Mum did'nt know at the time that she could not harvest the kai moana herself, someone in the group inform

Created: 2016-05-12 Statistics

Fantage My Mall

I'm sure all of us can agree that My Mall is a complete waste of time and it's just old news now. A lot of us on Instagram and Facebook would agree that Trade N' Sell was much better than My Mall, the idea of bringing a new currency was completely ludacris and no one understands why. Many kids fall for the scammers which leads to kids being absolutely upset. And back onto the topic about Gold, it's a complete ask for more money. Of course, you kids are going to fall for it. You've made eCoins co

Created: 2016-01-22 Statistics