Most popular petitions in Australia in 2017

  • Country: Australia
  • Language: English
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Support Polish Democracy

We are worried about democracy and censorship in Europe. We support the Polish PiS Government in creating democracy in Poland. Democracy is based on debate and freedom of speech together with transparency in public life and equality of citizens before the law. The Polish media including TVP, TVN, Gazeta Wyborcza and mainstream newspapers for the past many years have been very one sided in favor of PO government and against the PiS opposition. The former PO government purged a large number of f

Created: 2016-01-08 Statistics

Save Muarajambi

  (English translation at below) Selamatkan Kawasan Percandian Muarajambi dari Ancaman Industri Kepada Yth. Presiden Republik Indonesia Gubernur Provinsi Jambi Bupati Kabupaten Muarojambi   Kawasan kuno Muarajambi kini terancam rusak oleh sejumlah industri batubara dan sawit. Kawasan percandian ini terletak di Desa Muarajambi, Desa Dusun Baru, Desa Danau Lamo, Kemingking Luar, Kemingkin Dalam, Kecamatan Maro Sebo, dan Kecamatan Taman Rajo, Kabupaten Muaro Jambi, 40 kilometer dari ibu kota Provin

Created: 2012-02-09 Statistics

Adult Satoshi in Pokémon Anime

We Ask gently the staff of the pokemon anime to develop Ash's(Satoshi) in a worthy way: no more reboots, we would like to see Satoshi as an adult (it is preferable to avoid to specify the years of the timeskip, in order to not generate more mistakes with the series in which there was shown an effective temporal ongoing) and that he could reach his goal to be a Pokemon Master. Giving the Pokemon Master title doesn't necessarly mean to take it away from the anime and to conclude it. For us the sto

Created: 2017-12-20 Statistics

Stop Iron Sand Extraction in Sigatoka and save our communities: K2

Ni sa Bula Vinaka, A massive sand extraction is due to begin in 2017 starting at Kulukulu Village, the greater Sigatoka river mouth and its surrounding waterways, right up toward the town and adjacent land and villages from the town to Kulukulu river mouth. This sand extraction will affect the local fish stock as well as white bait spawning, crabs and all other sea creatures that thrive in the waters and sand banks, tributaries, mangroves and swamps of the Sigatoka river. If we do not stop this

Created: 2016-12-19 Statistics

Traralgon College Stadium Needs Air Conditioning

Exams at Traralgon College are coming up soon and will be held in the stadium which has no air conditioning or anyway of keeping the students cool on the hot days. This can be very dangerous for the students. No one wants to take their last breath then die of heatstroke at Traralgon College. So please give help so we can do something about this immediately because if not someone might die of heatstroke.

Created: 2016-11-20 Statistics

Dr Elizabeth Torrance Memorial Park

We are collecting signatures to take to Penrith City Council to show support for a submission to have a local St Clair park named after our much beloved Dr Torrance. Please help by signing our petition to show your support to have a local St Clair Park named after Dr Torrance.

Created: 2016-10-18 Statistics

Bring back the Sunny Boy

The Daily Juice Co. have decided to stop producing the Australian iconic Sunny Boy.  We cannot let this happen!!!. The pyramid shaped flavoured ice block has been a welcomed feature of Australian for years and we cannot let yet another much loved favorite like Sunny Boy fade as a memory.  Please sign this petition to help bring Sunny Boy and it's wonderful flavors back.

Created: 2016-09-28 Statistics

Help Sally stay

SALLYS POST !! So family and friends. It would appear that the Australian government are still refusing to grant me a permanent VISA and I am now at serious risk of being deported due to my health. The battle is not over yet and I'm still fighting to the end.Be prepared to see various new Facebook pages, petitions etc popping up to help me in my quest to stay with my family. I hope I can have your support to keep me going.I don't want any I'm sorry's or offers of spare rooms. Only positive comme

Created: 2016-09-24 Statistics

Click and Collect for Woolworths in Roma,QLD

If you live in or around Roma, Queensland and you feel you would use the 'click and collect' service please sign this petition.  Click and collect is ordering via the website and then picking up your items in store that are packaged and ready to go.  This service would be a huge benefit for many residents. 

Created: 2016-08-17 Statistics

Australia is sick of Chemtrails and hazzy skies

...Australians have had enough of the systematic poisoning of our skies and we need your help to show the government that we have reached a critical mass awakening to the scam in the sky...  ...Chemtrail's are indeed real and very muchly different to that of a contrail... Chemtrail's contain dangerous chemicals like Aluminium (linked to alzhiemers and other nuerological disease's that we really do need to give a shit about) and Barium, which so far is only known as a radioactive substance ummmm

Created: 2016-05-25 Statistics