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Take lyrica (Pregabalin) off the market!

Created: 2017-05-28 Statistics


Hi all!!!!!! I’m a concerned parent along with so many other parents that I think it is viable for the council to agree and get installed CCTV cameras at this particular Skate Park.  Also lights need to be installed like they are at Morayfield Skate Park. Safety is key in this situation. There have been so many incidents where children do not feel safe, feel or are threatened by other children/older children ranging from 12 years old - 17/18 years old   This is not acceptable by any means.  If w

Created: 2017-12-15 Statistics

Fight to keep E3 in australia

Created: 2017-03-13 Statistics

Against Tugun/Bilinga Beachfront Concrete Path Construction

We, the residents of, visitors and holidaymakers to the Gold Coast, object to the plans to build a concrete path along the foreshore between the Bilinga Surf Lifesaver’s club and the Tugun Surf Life Savers Club carpark at Toolona Street.  We ask the Gold Coast City Council to: 1.     Honour the public consultation which rejected a concrete path, retained the grassed path and recommended cycleway upgrades on Golden Four Drive 2.     Respect beachfront residents’ privacy by keeping this part of th

Created: 2016-11-19 Statistics

BRUTAL ATTACK by POLICE on 3 Year Old boy and his father whilst in their custody. Shamed, tortured, SCARRED FOR LIFE. The shameful abuse of police power going unpunished as innocent people tormented

3 YEAR OLD BOY LOCKED IN A CELL FORCED TO WITNESS THE SHOCKING ATTACK AS HORNSBY NSW POLICE INTERROGATED AND RIDICULED HIS FATHER.   On the 11/05/2001 Senior Constable Peter Charles Bradbury of N.SW Police force detained my 3year old son and myself in a police station cell for 9 hours. The mother of my child had not been contacted or any welfare or DOCS agencies notified.  On the 15/05/2001 -  7 hours detained.    During this time I was continually subjected to sessions of verbal abuse. My son w

Created: 2017-01-13 Statistics

Let’s get our Bunting and Yarn Bombed Poles put back.

Please sign this petition to get our Bunting and Yarn put back in front of our Beautiful You Funky Op Shop Maroochydore.  Some of our volunteers spent hours sewing these together. Made with love.  It’s a very sad old world when one of the shops in our centre didn’t like our decorations out the front of our shop. We have been asked to remove them. They were the scarves around the poles and the flags that were hanging along the eaves. I feel there are far more important things in this world to con

Created: 2017-12-08 Statistics

Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough

One of our beloved Peterborough busker Eddie always seen on Bridge Street with his faithful dog Floyd needs your help.On 8th February 2017 is being taken to court because they say his dog is vicious. He has another dog Bitsy who isn't allowed to be in the city.The aim is to destroy both dogs which would break his heart as both dogs are his life and we can't allow this to happen.Please show your support for Eddie, Bitsy & Floyd.

Created: 2017-01-21 Statistics


THỈNH NGUYỆN THƯ Của Quân, Dân, Cán, Chính Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa hiện còn sống tại Quốc Nội hay đang lưu vong tỵ nạn Cộng Sản trên khắp thế giới. Về việc Trung Cộng dùng sức mạnh quân sự đe dọa Biển Đông và Cộng Sản Bắc Việt vẫn tiếp tục đàn áp nhân quyến. Kính Gời :       -     Ông Ban-ki Moon, Tổng Thư Ký Liên Hiệp Quốc -         Các Nước Thành Viên đã ký kết Định Ước Quốc tế về Hiệp Định Hòa Bình Paris 1973 -         Các Quốc Gia trên Thế Giới từng bang giao với Nước Việt Nam Cộng Hòa 1954-1

Created: 2015-07-13 Statistics


WHEN GENOCIDE BECAME "FAMINE" : IRELAND, 1845 - 1850 This petition seeks your support for a campaign to: * Persuade relevant authors, editors and website content providers to stop using the word ‘Famine’ for what took place in Ireland between 1845 and 1850, and start using terms such as, "The Great Hunger" or 'An tOcras Mór' * To call on the Government of Ireland and its Ministers, and members of all political parties to correctly call it  'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger. It should be signed b

Created: 2014-01-07 Statistics

Create a Veggie Burger at Macca's

This petition is to show McDonald's how many vegans there are in Australia who desperately wish there was a real vegan option!

Created: 2017-07-28 Statistics