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Free Winston.

We want to free Winston and stop the seizure and killing of family pets without proof. The council have come and seized the family dog because someone has come onto the property in the middle of the night and my uncles dog has allegedly bitten them. (There is a witness who woke up to the commotion happening inside our side gate) This person has made a complaint and now the council has fined my uncle over $1500 in fines and declared the dog dangerous. When asked for proof they got told that MRC l

Created: 2017-09-12 Statistics

Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together!

 Stop donkey slaughter in SA - Let's stand together! The Highveld Horse Care Unit needs your help! Please sign this petition to show your support.    

Created: 2017-02-21 Statistics

Ban Fireworks-South Africa

Due to many animals been harmed and stressed during the New Year's Eve celebrations as well as any other excuse they use to set off fireworks, we need to do more to ban fireworks. A heavy fine should be given if caught in possession or letting off fireworks.

Created: 2017-01-02 Statistics

Weston Fire Station Closure. Weston N.S.W Australia

There is talk that Weston fire station 497 is to close and relocate to Abermain, We the people ask that this not occur and we keep Weston operational. In light of recent fires, we think Weston is a necessity. 

Created: 2016-12-21 Statistics

release saber murad back to his kids and family

  hi my name is Saber Murad , i am currently detaind at villawood detention centre blaxland area . i am 29 years if age and have been in australia for the past 16 or so years , i have two kids aged 8 and 9 years of age who are an australian born , i have three sisters and 2 brothers who are australian citizens and my step mother and father are too, iv been in detention for almost five month now after my permanent residency visa was canceled under the 501 law , i was out side in the community for

Created: 2016-08-07 Statistics


Petition for Animal and Nature Police establishment  Thank you for your allowing to really know yourself and really create a new life for Romania”s animals and nature! We live in a hostile , chaotic and hectic environment. Fortunately, we have laws that either prevent disastrous events, or save us from the clutches of danger. It's not just us, but pets and nature need laws to protect them, too. Please accept my choice to write as schematically as possible, I felt it so much easier you'll memoriz

Created: 2015-12-31 Statistics

Petition for Brendon Urie to voice a Disney prince


Created: 2015-05-29 Statistics

Disneyland Australia

There are two disey parks in North America, Three in asia and one in Europe. It seems everybody has access to a disney park except oceana (Australia and New Zealand). Austraians are among the most frequent holiday goers in the world, and to go to a disney park must spend in excess of $2000 each in airfairs alone. This petition is for the disney corp to build a disney park in Australia for the enjoyment of residents of Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.This infrastructure could only be good fo

Created: 2014-10-07 Statistics

Bring Back The Body Shop discontinued perfume oils!

Who misses the old Body Shop perfume oils? Fuzzy Peach, Dewberry, Ananya, Japanese Musk, Woody Sandlewood and others? I do and I would love to see as many names as possible on this petirion to get them back in the shops. Would you shop in The Body Shop again if they were reintroduced? Sign if you would.

Created: 2014-06-02 Statistics

Harsher sentencing for violent crimes and pedofiles

Daniel Morcombe, Jill Meagher and Luke Batty all victims of repeat criminal offenders. The legal system particularly the courts and the judges have failed us as a community by providing to lenient sentences to these criminals allowing them to re-enter our society and commit more heinous crimes and take innocent lives! These are most certainly not the only 3 victims of this injustice but they have been some of the most public and have touched many hearts. It is time for change we must force the

Created: 2014-03-16 Statistics