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Save Kurshonbrooke Lodge

In signing this petition, I, the undersigned, expressly offer my full support for Kurshonbrooke Lodge, and wish for it to be noted that this facility should remain open and in operation, supporting children in the community for generations to come.   

Created: 2021-05-17 Statistics

Parents Against Covid-19 Vaccine Discrimination in Schools

Imagine not being able to attend your child’s first day of kindergarten or their year 6 graduation. Imagine not seeing your child receive a special award or win their race at the athletics carnival. Imagine getting a call from the school saying that your child is sick or is having a panic attack and you are unable to enter to help them. And all because you chose not to have a particular medical procedure. Unfortunately this has been the advice given to NSW schools in the “Term 4 Roadmap” publis

Created: 2021-11-15 Statistics

Wax 'n Grind - Permit to operate from the same location for 4 hours

Wax 'n Grind operates a mobile coffee van on the Northern Beaches and have been a much-welcomed service (purveyor of great coffee) for the close nit Mona Vale Beach community (swimmers, walkers and beach lovers) since the demolition of the SLSC and the coffee shop that operated from that premises. They are providing this service in accordance with the Northern Beaches Council requirement of trading further than 200 meters from fixed food premises. Currently, Wax 'n Grind is limited to only opera

Created: 2021-08-17 Statistics

Stop Using Gas To Heat Our Pools, Moreland!

Can you quite believe that, despite acknowledging that we're living in a climate crisis, four of Moreland's heated pools are heated by gas? That's Brunswick Baths, Oak Park Aquatic Centre, Fawkner Leisure Centre and Coburg Leisure Centre. Moreland’s aquatic centres account for the great majority of its gas consumption (likely around (89%*). Even in the recently redeveloped Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre, Council installed gas heating - a choice completely inconsistent with climate reality.

Created: 2021-06-15 Statistics

Wine Bar in the Margaret River Wine Region

We live in the wine region that produces the bulk of Australia's premium wine, yet there is no dedicated venue to enjoying the literal fruits of our labour! Support our plan to open a small bar that is dedicated to showcasing the region's incredible diversity of wine styles. Owned and operated by locals. 

Created: 2021-10-27 Statistics

Petition to induct Australian Country Music Pioneer Kevin Shegog (dec) into the Tamworth Roll of Renown.

Hi country music fans. I hope you'll join with me, my family, our friends and Kevin Shegog fans in our effort to build a petition to accompany a submission the organisers of the Tamworth Roll of Renown to consider posthumously awarding this honour to dad in 2023.   One only has to look at his discography (below) to see  that W&G had so much faith in his ability, talent and popularity they continued to produce album after album and an impressive list of singles and EP's. Dad was an extremely

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics


For the City of Port Phillip to reverse their decision in relation TO THE SKYLINE FERRIS WHEEL DECISION MADE AT THE CITY OF PORT PHILLIP COUNCIL MEETING ON WEDNESDAY 21 JULY 2021 The councilors voted to reject the application to consider the provision of a multi-year permit for the Skyline Ferris Wheel to operate on South Beach Reserve from October to March in 21/22 that would bring people to the area helping local businesses and stakeholders. To the Mayor and Councillors of the City of Port Phi

Created: 2021-07-23 Statistics

Moreland Council adopt a Zero Carbon Moreland target by 2030

In September 2018, Moreland City Council unanimously declared a climate emergency – recognising the threat that the climate crisis poses to our health, safety and livelihoods. And, right now, Council has a target of zero carbon emissions across our community by 2040. But scientists have warned that now is the time to act: what governments, businesses and communities do between now and 2030 will determine whether we limit potential climate catastrophe. With the Federal government being left behi

Created: 2021-06-01 Statistics

Let there be light in Ettalong

Would you like to see solar powered lights along the Ettalong foreshore for the safety of the community members, visitors and to enhance the area?   Then please read on to know more about "Let There Be Light in Ettalong" The Ettalong community feels the area around the foreshore is very poorly lit. This makes it very unsafe for the community members and visitors to return to cars or enjoy the area etc at night. Many people feel uneasy walking to their cars but we must feel safe in our community

Created: 2021-07-25 Statistics

Diamond Beach Urbanization.

PETITION 391 Diamond Beach Road Diamond Beach Construction of 42 townhouses DA2021-1724   We object to the above development on the following grounds; Not what it proposes to be - The development has been presented as “Tourist and Visitor accommodation” but is actually a townhouse development for permanent occupation before the land is actually zoned for residential use. It appears to circumvent appropriate legalities and processes related to current council zoning and an attempt to rezone by

Created: 2021-08-18 Statistics