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Speed humps to be installed on Normanby Drive Greenvale

This petition is for speed humps or some sort of speed deterrence to be installed on Normanby drive Greenvale. Initially the petition was for speed humps to be installed from the corner of Normanby & Barrymore road up until the children's playground (Park) opposit Barlbry court, however there is many residents who are coming forward in full support of speed humps and are from the other side of Normanby drive. As I've been told the speeding driver issue is happening right around Normanby with

Created: 2021-08-21 Statistics

Moreland Council commission an independent report on Synthetic Turf impacts

We, the below residents, request that City of Moreland commission an independent report on the Environmental, Social, Health and Economic benefits, costs, and impacts of synthetic turf, and to compare and contrast this to natural grass or existing surfaces, for good governance decision making as per the overarching governance principles of the Local Government Act 2020.   Image: Clifton Park (Brunswick) synthetic turf field with black crumb rubber infill. The surface temperature of 60.4C measur

Created: 2021-05-02 Statistics

amend the propose changes to licensing laws that are taking place in Qld MAY 1st

The proposed changes will put fire protection costs up for the provider & for the end client as there won’t be enough competition in the market place to control the pricing as the smaller companies will be forced to shut down or raise their prices to the upper end of the market.It will put 60% of the industry out of business which means 60% of employees out of work.The changes can easily be made with restricted plumbing or electrical licences however to suit the self-interest union/trade gro

Created: 2021-01-18 Statistics

Hold Dr. Fauci accountable for lying about COVID-19

To: Attorney General Merrick Garland US Department of Justice/950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW/Washington, DC 20530-0001 We are requesting that Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is investigated, and if found guilty, criminally charged for lying to the Senate during testimony, in which he stated the National Institutes of Health never funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Clear evidence shows that on Feb. 1, 2020 Fauci sent an email to the deputy director of the NIAID, Dr. Hugh Auchincloss. The email

Created: 2021-08-10 Statistics

To Replace trees on Maddingley Road Attwood

The residents would like the trees on Maddingley Rd, Attwood replaced. The current trees are a hazard to the residents and dogs. One dog passed away last year after eating one of the kernels, a young boy slipped and gashed his head ending up in the Emergency Room, the roots are lifting footpaths causing trip hazards and damage to properties. Something needs to be done before more people end up in hospital and more damage is done to our homes. 

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

The Safety of King's Leigh Community - Werribee

Since the construction works on Princes Hwy/Geelong Rd began in 2020 and the subsequent closure of Alfred Road, the redirection of traffic through the estate has now become a permanent issue even after Alfred Road has re-opened.  Our community is seeing frequent dangerous speeding and reckless driving with little consideration for the residents of this estate. We are made up of mostly young families, and if something isn't done to try and prevent this issue we fear that there will be a serious a

Created: 2021-03-11 Statistics

Knox Council 24 hour Cat Curfew

Hello fellow Knox Council Residents Knox Council are introducing a change to the current cat curfew which will mean cats effectively need to be indoors or in a cat run 24/7.The Council states they can go outside if they stay on your property only. I own 2 cats and one is indoor/outdoor. They are both deserved and the outdoor cat only goes out during the daylight hours. He stays close to my property but I cannot teach him to "stay in the backyard"  It is cruel to keep cats indoors when they are u

Created: 2021-07-01 Statistics

An Open Letter to all Australian Doctors of Medicine.

Dear trusted, respected Physicians of Australia,                 Australia, like much of the world, is currently in turmoil. The pandemic that initially united us all has now created the biggest divide in the history of our free, democratic nation. Average people are, en masse, justifiably concerned for their health & for that of their children, for their future, for their very lives. Many are fearful of the aftermath of contracting SARS-CoV-2, and many are just as fearful of the only medica

Created: 2021-12-08 Statistics

Darts as a Sport in Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that in 2018 Sport & Rec QLD removed Darts as a sport or recreation. This made Darts ineligible for any sports funding or Get Started for our junior players. Darts became a sport in 1924. Australia played its first Championships in 1964 against New Zealand. The World Darts Federation formed in 1976 with 15 nations, including Australia. Queensland is the only state that does not recognise Darts as a sport. Your petitioners, therefore, r

Created: 2020-10-07 Statistics

Seal the Roads - Coongulla

By signing this petition, I am expressing my willingness for Wellington Council to proceed with the sealing of all roads in Coongulla, Victoria, 3860. I am also the rate payer for the mentioned address.

Created: 2021-05-07 Statistics