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Queanbeyan South P&C Zoning Stand

We are asking our community to stand with Queanbeyna South Public School to ask the NSW Depaturement of Education for fair and equal zoning across all Queanbeyan Schools to ensure that this is about the best education for our children, instead of being a political progress. #Standtogether 

189 Created: 2022-05-11 Statistics

Australia is sick of Chemtrails and hazzy skies

...Australians have had enough of the systematic poisoning of our skies and we need your help to show the government that we have reached a critical mass awakening to the scam in the sky...  ...Chemtrail's are indeed real and very muchly different to that of a contrail... Chemtrail's contain dangerous chemicals like Aluminium (linked to alzhiemers and other nuerological disease's that we really do need to give a shit about) and Barium, which so far is only known as a radioactive substance ummmm

196 Created: 2016-05-25 Statistics

Investigate the Dunoon Dam as an option to guarantee water supply.

Our water supply is inadequate for the current population. A water supply guarantee for the next 80 years is required. The Dunoon Dam, aquifers, desalination, and toilet to tap recycled water options require further investigation. A whole of life comparison considering the financial, environmental, cultural & social impacts of each option to the year 2100 must be undertaken. I SUPPORT INVESTIGATING THE DUNOON DAM AS AN OPTION.

183 Created: 2021-02-11 Statistics

Call for a fair unbiased visa treaty between Australia and PNG

We are calling on the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea to implement a fair unbiased Visa treaty between our countries. We call on Australia to respect our long history and relax the almost immposible restrictions imposed on us to get a visa to travel to Australia. We Call on Australia to overhaul the entire Migration Office at the Australian High Commission and adopt a policy focussed on customer service that one would expect to recieve if he or she was in Australia. We Call on the

621 Created: 2011-08-09 Statistics

Metal Heart festival two

Show your support for Aussie metal! This petition is to show just how many people are behind local metal, made by Aussies, played in Australia! We need to stand together and unite in our support, we have strength in numbers, lets show them just how many of us there are! So share this with your mates, your freinds, your relatives and aquaintances. We at Metal Heart festival believe in supporting original Australian metal, we are doing our damnedest to put on an awesome show and provide a platform

182 Created: 2013-12-01 Statistics

Save Kurshonbrooke Lodge

In signing this petition, I, the undersigned, expressly offer my full support for Kurshonbrooke Lodge, and wish for it to be noted that this facility should remain open and in operation, supporting children in the community for generations to come.   

176 Created: 2021-05-17 Statistics

Eritrea፡We believe the Pfdj regime is a threat to Eritrea and to the horn Africa region

We Eritreans after independence have thought that things would go well and Eritrea would march along the bright paths of development,construction, achievements,liberity,social justice and examplery administration .Unfortunately PFDJ centralized all decision making,jurisdiction, and took all power away from the hands of the people.Our country eventhough blessed with natural resources ,a hardworking people and a strategic position suitable for conducting business and tourism activities,it is not e

15371 Created: 2016-06-22 Statistics

Reinstate Elvis' name on the "USS Arizona"

The goal of this petition is to reinstate Elvis' name on the "USS Arizona Memorial" in Pearl Harbour - Hawaii... Elvis' name was removed from the memorial because of his alleged abuse of prescibed medication! This removal is an insult to the memory and legacy of Elvis Presley! Elvis helped to raise the funds to finish the construction of the memorial by doing a benefit concert in 1961. Elvis should be aknowledged and his name should be reinstated!!!!!

3564 Created: 2016-01-04 Statistics

Abortion laws

The problem : Queensland having a vote to change the laws to be able to abort your baby at 9 months gestion. I care because I think it's absolutely disgusting. It's blatantly murder , me as a mother from 16 weeks on you can feel your baby kick and move , from then on they have fingernails and there face is forming . its wrong! what about the poor baby it didn't ask to be born and it doesn't even get a chance because of . I believe if the mother can't carry the baby or is raped that's tolerable b

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PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

A COUNTRY RULED BY A RAPIST AND A THIEF WE'VE HAD ENOUGH........ Our land and our people are dying. Why should the people of S.A  sign this petition? Since Jacob Zuma have become President nothing is going right in South Africa. Our hospitals,Eskom,municipalities Education systems, all are falling apart even our water systems is not in a very good working condition. With all the laws zuma inplied like BBBEE and all the other there are more people workless and homeless.  Our people are getting mu

28994 Created: 2015-05-22 Statistics