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Bring back the old chicken parmi at browns plains hotel

This is a petition to bring back the old chicken parmi at browns plains hotel they have changed to a different supplyer and the parmi is half the size of the old ones and taste is no where equal to the old parmi so come on sign this petition to get the old parmi brought back 

Created: 2022-09-09 Statistics

Stop the removal angle parking from businesses fronting Meninya Street, Moama, N.S.W.

Murray River Council Planning Proposal intends to remove angle parking in Meninya Street between Blair street and Echuca street cross roads. The purpose of this is to facilitate a transition to a Commerical precinct harmonious with a STOP and STAY principle, expressed in the guidance for the proposal. What the Council will not be able to address is the negative long term financial impact upon businesses that rely on STOP and GO trade. For some this will require either relocation or closer or los

Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Set Raaths FREE

FATHER, DAUGHTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OVER RAPEMegan Raaths (21), who has maintained that her father, Abrie (Raaths), who is in prison since 2012 because of her rape, is innocent and now is supporting him in a last, desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Together, they are approaching the Constitutional Court (Case # CCT-110/2022) to set aside his conviction and also request that the Children's Act be amended to prevent similar incidents.Abrie, a father and husband from Pretoria, is servi

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Remove the LNP from power immediately.

Little needs to be said about the reasons for removing the LNP from the leadership of this country immediately. The reasons are well known by the entire population. The primary motivation for this petition is self-preservation and the protection of the people. The LNP in their abuse of the leadership role represent a clear and present danger to the people of Australia and must be removed immediately.

Created: 2022-01-04 Statistics

Diving in Ojamo Mine

    The signatories of this petition represent a group of Finnish and international divers who want to establish a new open and transparent operating culture which supports diving in the Ojamo Mine. As the Lohja City decision making body, Vetovoimalautakunta, already stated in its meeting on 15th December 2020: “The Ojamo diving site is so exceptional on the scale of Finland that the management and coordination of the diving activities taking place there should be under the control of a sufficie

Created: 2021-11-26 Statistics

Parents Against Covid-19 Vaccine Discrimination in Schools

Imagine not being able to attend your child’s first day of kindergarten or their year 6 graduation. Imagine not seeing your child receive a special award or win their race at the athletics carnival. Imagine getting a call from the school saying that your child is sick or is having a panic attack and you are unable to enter to help them. And all because you chose not to have a particular medical procedure. Unfortunately this has been the advice given to NSW schools in the “Term 4 Roadmap” publis

Created: 2021-11-15 Statistics

Stand up against mandatory vaccination

The government and others in power CANNOT force a vaccination on you that is in its trial faze.  You CANNOT lose your job and CANNOT be left out of festivals and shopping centres if you haven't had a vaccination.  The government are bullying everyone into this vaccination that has proven fatal and the fact with it you can still catch and pass covid 19 onto others. Absolute joke. Stand up. Do not take this bullying and pressure. Please sign this petition so we have enough people to start a class

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

Bring ALDI supermarkets to New Zealand!

I've started this petition to get Aldi to open up shops in NZ. After returning from Australia where I discovered and fell in love with Aldi for the first time. I was so impressed with the affordability, quality and range of food, clothing, house wear etc.I belive to make it more affordable for NZ consumers the supermarkets need more competition - Aldi is the answer to this and I feel it would be hugely popular here in NZ.I really belive there is a need and a market for this chain of supermarket

Created: 2017-07-06 Statistics

قدردانی از حامد اسماعیلیون

آقای حامد اسماعیلیون گرامی ما، جمعی از فعالان سیاسی و مدنی برون مرزی، بدینوسیله قدردانی خود را از تلاش‌های مستمر و خستگی‌ناپذیر شما به عنوان سخنگوی «انجمن خانوادهٔ قربانیان پرواز پی‌اس ۷۵۲» برای سازماندهی و ایجاد هماهنگی در راهپیمایی‌های خارج از کشور در حمایت از جنبش انقلابی مردم ایران اعلام می‌کنیم. اندوه ناشی از مصیبتی که به شما و سایر خانواده های داغدار پرواز ۷۵۲ وارد شد، گرچه بسیار عظیم بود، اما شما را در سوگ متوقف نکرد و به انگیزه نیرومندی برای زنده نگاه داشتن جنبش ظلم‌ستیزی و رسیدن به آزاد

Created: 2022-10-31 Statistics

Handball as an Olympic sports

There are only so many reasons to include handball, also known as the classic downball into the Olympics. Firstly, it is played by many young Australians. Secondly, there are few competitive games for this sport that requires a tedious amount of skill. Finally, the sport would consume more interest compared to other games. Therefore, why should this sport be sugar-coated from the Olympics?

Created: 2022-08-30 Statistics