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Petition to induct Australian Country Music Pioneer Kevin Shegog (dec) into the Tamworth Roll of Renown.

Hi country music fans. I hope you'll join with me, my family, our friends and Kevin Shegog fans in our effort to build a petition to accompany a submission the organisers of the Tamworth Roll of Renown to consider posthumously awarding this honour to dad in 2023.   One only has to look at his discography (below) to see  that W&G had so much faith in his ability, talent and popularity they continued to produce album after album and an impressive list of singles and EP's. Dad was an extremely

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics

Permanently remove Sunny Coast & QLD shark nets

I'll be meeting with the local Members of Parliament for the state areas of Maroochydore and Ninderry to discuss the outdated and ineffective use of shark nets at our beaches.  Shark nets in QLD only run ~200m across and 5m deep, and therefore do NOT prevent sharks from coming close to shore. They do not only target "dangerous" sharks, but catch and kill many species of non-target sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and whales.  There are now far more effective and safer ways of keeping us and our m

Created: 2022-07-24 Statistics

Please help us to receive better medical and follow up Care and Services of Arachnoid Cysts here in Australia.

My name is Leonie Axton – Hooper, I am asking for your help.   We are very behind here in Australia with treatment of patients with Symptomatic Arachnoid Cysts. It is always difficult to receive treatment as many Drs are led to believe they are non-symptomatic and not the cause of a patient's symptoms.   Due to outdated medical literature many patients have found they have not been told of findings of an Arachnoid Cyst on their brain because when undergoing a brain scan for symptoms many radiolo

Created: 2022-04-01 Statistics

Perth Tasmania Pump Track

The Perth Community continues to grow and is in need of community facilities for our community.  We seek to establish a pump and/or bike track to give children and youth a space where they can ride.  The plan is simple:  Put together a proposal, seek community and Council support; work to receive funding for the project and see the track built. As part of the process we want to show that the community wants this to happen.  Please sign this petition so that we can use your voice to add to any gr

Created: 2022-03-25 Statistics

An Open Letter to all Australian Doctors of Medicine.

Dear trusted, respected Physicians of Australia,                 Australia, like much of the world, is currently in turmoil. The pandemic that initially united us all has now created the biggest divide in the history of our free, democratic nation. Average people are, en masse, justifiably concerned for their health & for that of their children, for their future, for their very lives. Many are fearful of the aftermath of contracting SARS-CoV-2, and many are just as fearful of the only medica

Created: 2021-12-08 Statistics

To Replace trees on Maddingley Road Attwood

The residents would like the trees on Maddingley Rd, Attwood replaced. The current trees are a hazard to the residents and dogs. One dog passed away last year after eating one of the kernels, a young boy slipped and gashed his head ending up in the Emergency Room, the roots are lifting footpaths causing trip hazards and damage to properties. Something needs to be done before more people end up in hospital and more damage is done to our homes. 

Created: 2021-10-22 Statistics

COVID Impact on 188 Visa holders – Request for further COVID Concessions

For 188 Business Innovation stream visa holders, they are unable to apply for the 188 Business Innovation Extension stream if they have not been able to commence and/or complete 2 years of actively operating a business in Australia. Reg 188.232 requires the 188 visa holder to have an ownership interest and operate the business for at least 2 years immediately before application. We note the COVID-19 concessions introduced on 19 September 2020 - allows for cumulative periods of at least 2 years h

Created: 2021-10-17 Statistics

Dean Evers needs to be on the NSW Electoral Commission candidates list for Coffs Harbour

Dean Evers is a well-known man in Coffs Harbour, particularly for his dedication to helping the homeless and vulnerable in the community.  His inclusion in the local elections was rejected because of an administration error.  Dean spoke to the Commission during the day on 2nd November and confirmed all forms were correct and pending approvql. On Tuesday 2nd November at 8.50pm Dean received a email from the Commission stating his nominations were rejected but was given no explanation.   Dean call

Created: 2021-11-05 Statistics

BT50 MADAS deactivation

As an owner of the new Mazda BT50, I am seriously concerned as to potential safety issues with the new MADAS system. Personally myself with my family I have had multiple instances where the MADAS system has activated and in turn almost caused serious motor vehicle accidents with potentially fatal outcomes. The system while functioning as it was designed, is not designed well for varying road conditions both expected and unexpected including road surfaces, lane narrowing, traffic with other vehic

Created: 2021-11-27 Statistics

Save this prestige coastline! ! 🐢 🌊

Here we are again..The local council doesn't approve of the blowholes shack owners current dwellings standards therefore lies on a A-classs reserve 75km north of Carnarvon. They have been deemed dangerous and that the will be demolished immediately within the next 2 weeks! They won't to remove a piece of history so they are able to develop and destroy another piece of our land once again.. These shacks have stood in their place now for over 4 generations and will stay standing for another 4 gene

Created: 2022-05-04 Statistics