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Petition the Tweed Shire Councillors

We, the undersigned, demand that Tweed Shire Council immediately support small businesses and refuse to adopt medical apartheid and mandates for employees and patrons throughout Tweed Shire. Declare Tweed Shire Pro Choice.  

Created: 2021-12-05 Statistics


Please sign this petition to save our mate Gary at Blairgowrie Service Station.  Gary and his family have provided the community with over a decade of great service.  Let's try and save this little family business.  Once he's gone it will be another iconic establishment lost to the big boys.  With only 20 days left to make some noise let's try and get some big numbers so we can state a case for Gary and his family.  Thanks in advance.

Created: 2022-08-09 Statistics

Stop the proposal for a netball centre and keep Booth Park a open green space for the community to share.

Kurri Kurri is home to many families who have been here both a long and short time. The green space at Booth Park is utilised daily by many locals for many different activities such as walking dogs, recreational exercise, football training, outdoor family time, cricket, and many other activities. Booth Park is a central common space for the local area. This space should continue to be able to be available to be utilised by all locals not just a select group of people. We feel the loss of the maj

Created: 2022-05-30 Statistics

Ban shooting close to housing and public places

The undersigned people request the Southern Grampians Shire advocate for peoples safety by stopping shooting at a minimum of 1km, preferably 3km from homes, businesses, public places, public roads, school camps and walking tracks. Bullets from high-fired rifles can travel over 3 km!

Created: 2022-03-03 Statistics

Vaucluse residents & friends opposed to overdevelopment (1 Derby St DA)

Woollahra Council is considering an unprecedented 4 storey DA at 1 Derby St, Vaucluse (corner of Cambridge Ave) that is of far greater height than anything previously approved in Derby St and surrounds, and is clearly above the 9.5 metre maximum limit in the existing Council rules.  The proposed structure will be a traffic hazard for cars entering & exiting Derby St onto Cambridge Ave, as well as eradicating views and devaluing at least eight surrounding houses. If allowed to go ahead, this

Created: 2021-12-01 Statistics

Let there be light in Ettalong

Would you like to see solar powered lights along the Ettalong foreshore for the safety of the community members, visitors and to enhance the area?   Then please read on to know more about "Let There Be Light in Ettalong" The Ettalong community feels the area around the foreshore is very poorly lit. This makes it very unsafe for the community members and visitors to return to cars or enjoy the area etc at night. Many people feel uneasy walking to their cars but we must feel safe in our community

Created: 2021-07-25 Statistics

A Public Hydrotherapy Pool for Cockatoo and surrounds

I believe there is a strong need for a Public hydrtherapy pool in the Rangers part of our shire and Cockatoo is the purfect place. Our council spends so much on rubbish projects and sports up here But many in our comunitty could benifit from this . The shire did not build one in Pakenham and the closet and best is in Boronia . Our town has the space and would love to share.Will you help by voting and Ill see where we get . as we would need to deal with council No promisses and thanks Public Hydr

Created: 2022-05-27 Statistics

Horsham Business Community to stand against Mandates to exclude CV-19 unvaccinated people from any businesses and/or retail sector. STAND AGAINST MEDICAL APARTHEID

The Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is Mandating unvaccinated people to be excluded from retail businesses. A Mandate in definition is: A request and/or recommendation and has no legal standing.   These “Mandates” violate Human Rights (Australian Human Rights Commission ACT 1986) by excluding people on grounds of medical bias. This mandate steps our Country and the State of Victoria dangerously closer to a Totalitarian Rule and a Medical Apartheid System.   Since the commencements of the Covid-19

Created: 2021-11-02 Statistics

Make Ulladulla High School Safe for our kids!

It seems so many people have a story to tell about injustice for their kids, kids leaving school early out of fear of other kids, childen so crippled with fear they are being home schooled or moved to one of the private schools in Nowra.  We don't have any other option! Every fight is being filmed and put on social media, the amount of drugs and vaping through the school is so bad and not being reported. Their are no consequences to bad behaviour!  We are all about making changes! Working out wh

Created: 2022-08-07 Statistics

Tell the City of Belmont you care. We can all make better decisions about what we do with nature!

To the Mayor City of BelmontLocked Bag 379CLOVERDALE WA 6985215 Wright StreetCLOVERDALE WA 6105 I am writing to tell you that I care. I am saddened to hear about your recent decision to clear an abundance of Cape Lilac trees on 54 Kooyong Road, Rivervale. These trees were at least 15 years old. They were a regular food source for the now vulnerable Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, which is under threat due to deforestation and clearing. Decisions like this have far greater impact than just leaving bar

Created: 2022-07-13 Statistics