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Stop the removal angle parking from businesses fronting Meninya Street, Moama, N.S.W.

Murray River Council Planning Proposal intends to remove angle parking in Meninya Street between Blair street and Echuca street cross roads. The purpose of this is to facilitate a transition to a Commerical precinct harmonious with a STOP and STAY principle, expressed in the guidance for the proposal. What the Council will not be able to address is the negative long term financial impact upon businesses that rely on STOP and GO trade. For some this will require either relocation or closer or los

Created: 2022-08-25 Statistics

Protect Swan Street Children and Dogs

Help protect our Kedron Brook dogs and the children in our daycare centre on Swan street, Gordon Park.     Amelia park is the entrance to one of the biggest off leash dog parks in Brisbane, and the north end of Swan St hosts one of our local daycare centres. Too many people recklessly speed down Swan street, and enter from the north end, off Gympie Rd/ Stafford Rd as a short cut southbound. Too many dogs and young children have had close calls with speeding cars.     Please join this petition to

Created: 2022-08-19 Statistics

Handball as an Olympic sports

There are only so many reasons to include handball, also known as the classic downball into the Olympics. Firstly, it is played by many young Australians. Secondly, there are few competitive games for this sport that requires a tedious amount of skill. Finally, the sport would consume more interest compared to other games. Therefore, why should this sport be sugar-coated from the Olympics?

Created: 2022-08-30 Statistics

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity   29 September 2021     The International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands     And   Ms. Karen Mosoti, or official replacement for the office of Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court to the United Nations 866 United Nations Plaza Suite 476 New York, NY, 10017 USA 212-486-1346/47/62     Email:   Dear

Created: 2021-09-29 Statistics

Helping clean the local communities

Hi, this is a year 9 project group helping to reduce pollution in our local community. In the local areas of Melbourne's western suburbs, this petition is to help get more beach clean-ups mainly on Altona beach, but also to help raise awareness in general about pollution in communities.

Created: 2022-08-23 Statistics

Petition to induct Australian Country Music Pioneer Kevin Shegog (dec) into the Tamworth Roll of Renown.

Hi country music fans. I hope you'll join with me, my family, our friends and Kevin Shegog fans in our effort to build a petition to accompany a submission the organisers of the Tamworth Roll of Renown to consider posthumously awarding this honour to dad in 2023.   One only has to look at his discography (below) to see  that W&G had so much faith in his ability, talent and popularity they continued to produce album after album and an impressive list of singles and EP's. Dad was an extremely

Created: 2021-08-22 Statistics

Morning school bus service between Glenwood, surrounding suburbs & Girraween high school.

Dear all This petition is to request school bus service 8592 that runs between Girraween high school & Glenwood surrounding suburbs. We are reaching out to all fellow parents living in and around Glenwood with kids going to Girraween High/selective school. There are many high school students going to Girraween high school from Glenwood and surrounding suburbs facing difficulty of having to change buses, trains in the mornings. There is a school bus (bus number 8592) currently operational onl

Created: 2022-03-11 Statistics

Save Shadowhunters

Hello Shadowfans! We need your help. We think everyone is agreed that the ending for Jace and Clary sucks. Clary and Jace deserves so much more. That's why we started this petition and give Shadowhunters at least a final season. The makers of the show have a whole new storyline for them. So Shadowfans all over the world, sign this petition please! We need to put some pressure to the Netflix firm. We have to give it a chance don't you think? So please sign this petition in the link below. Save Sh

Created: 2022-06-06 Statistics

Support to Further Allow Side Saddle in the Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules

From the 1st of July, there will be changes to the way gear rules are delivered across Pony Club in each state. Moving forward, gear rules will be set by Pony Club Australia as a National set of rules and not by state bodies as currently done. Presently, side saddles are allowed to be used for pony club rallies and competition as well as in open sections at competitions/event run under pony club rules. For many side saddle riders, pony club has been one of the very few avenues (especially in Vi

Created: 2022-04-21 Statistics

It’s not to late the power of the people! Let’s save Greens Lake.

We have always visited the lake since moving here a few years ago. It’s disgusting and a disgrace that they are allowing this beautiful place to dry up! We enjoy the lake locals and travellers, all year round. It’s been a great place for recreational activities like boating, camping, fishing and water sports. It’s a safe place for families as small children can play along the waters edge unlike the “eroded Murray river from the Malibu’s”. Not to mention the flora and fauna that thrive their for

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics