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Stop Tony Attwood Mocking Autistic People

Tony Attwood publicly mimicked and mocked having a meltdown on stage, twice, to make the crowd laugh at a presentation in Brisbane, Australia, on the 15th of July, 2021. Apparently, he has done this type of thing before and it is not unusual behaviour for Mr Attwood. This petition is to ask Tony Attwood to stop publicly mocking autistic people. We ask him to recognise that it is highly offensive to impersonate disability for amusement. It is especially offensive, inappropriate, and unprofessiona

Created: 2021-07-17 Statistics

Wildlife not buildings on the Lower Holt

We the undersigned old girls ask Frensham to abandon the DA to develop the lower Holt and take steps to protect it in line with the Upper Holt and Winifred West’s original vision

Created: 2021-06-26 Statistics

An Open Letter to all Australian Doctors of Medicine.

Dear trusted, respected Physicians of Australia,                 Australia, like much of the world, is currently in turmoil. The pandemic that initially united us all has now created the biggest divide in the history of our free, democratic nation. Average people are, en masse, justifiably concerned for their health & for that of their children, for their future, for their very lives. Many are fearful of the aftermath of contracting SARS-CoV-2, and many are just as fearful of the only medica

Created: 2021-12-08 Statistics

Petition the Tweed Shire Councillors

We, the undersigned, demand that Tweed Shire Council immediately support small businesses and refuse to adopt medical apartheid and mandates for employees and patrons throughout Tweed Shire. Declare Tweed Shire Pro Choice.  

Created: 2021-12-05 Statistics

Merlin Project 2021

Following Eoin Macken's request (21/10/21), who portrayed Sir Gwaine in the BBC TV serie "Merlin", here's a petition to show our support and endless love towards the show which ended in 2012.  The show recalled the adventures of a young warlock -in a land of myths and legends. His name : Merlin.  Despite almost a decade since the finale, this is still a well-beloved serie, and fans around the world are still active, creating content such as artwork, fanfictions and endless gifsets.  Since the s

Created: 2021-10-21 Statistics

2nd Beach Volleyball Court at Coolum Beach

One free public court at Coolum Beach is GREAT but as it's use steadily increases, it is becoming impossible to cater for different groups who want to access the facility. Currently the court is used by recreational users coming from north and south (and of course local Coolum residents), juniors and high performance trainings for local training towards national and international competition.  Our proposal is to establish a 2nd court between the existing court and the south access steps - where

Created: 2021-08-11 Statistics

Knox Council 24 hour Cat Curfew

Hello fellow Knox Council Residents Knox Council are introducing a change to the current cat curfew which will mean cats effectively need to be indoors or in a cat run 24/7.The Council states they can go outside if they stay on your property only. I own 2 cats and one is indoor/outdoor. They are both deserved and the outdoor cat only goes out during the daylight hours. He stays close to my property but I cannot teach him to "stay in the backyard"  It is cruel to keep cats indoors when they are u

Created: 2021-07-01 Statistics

STOP the stealthy coercion to SARS-COV-2 vaccination!

On December 28, 2020, the World Federation of Hungarians (founded in 1938) issued the following protest against stealthy coercion of SARS-COV-2 vaccines. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 27 January 2021 was the first confirming the prohibition of discrimination in the case of COVID-19 vaccinations. In articles 7.3.1, 7.3.2 and 7.5.2. of Resolution No 2361/2021.          Join us!   Let's help together Hungary to fulfil

Created: 2021-02-17 Statistics

Install a safe crossing in the River Street Duplication

In the duplication of Rivert Street West Ballina (Stage One), we call on the Ballina Shire Council to install a pedestrian light controlled crossing between Burns Point Ferry Road and Reiverview Ave.  To further increase the diffculty of crossing a main road amongst residential estates, schools, retirement villages and businesses without providing provision to safely deal with that increase in danger is unacceptable and a lack of representation of community.

Created: 2021-02-15 Statistics

Darts as a Sport in Queensland

Queensland residents draws to the attention of the House that in 2018 Sport & Rec QLD removed Darts as a sport or recreation. This made Darts ineligible for any sports funding or Get Started for our junior players. Darts became a sport in 1924. Australia played its first Championships in 1964 against New Zealand. The World Darts Federation formed in 1976 with 15 nations, including Australia. Queensland is the only state that does not recognise Darts as a sport. Your petitioners, therefore, r

Created: 2020-10-07 Statistics