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Initiation of a Royal Commission into the Mainstream Media's Discriminatory and Coercive Reporting

We believe the Mainstream Media have exceeded their original remit for fair and objective reporting in the public interest. Since the onset of the pandemic, they have used their power to coerce, bully and discriminate against Australian Citizens who wish to exercise their rights for personal choice. They have publicly maligned and divided our society in a drive to achieve compliance with vaccine uptake even within States that have not initiated blanket mandates. This division and relentless pre

Created: 2022-03-01 Statistics

Queanbeyan South P&C Zoning Stand

We are asking our community to stand with Queanbeyna South Public School to ask the NSW Depaturement of Education for fair and equal zoning across all Queanbeyan Schools to ensure that this is about the best education for our children, instead of being a political progress. #Standtogether 

Created: 2022-05-11 Statistics


We the petitioners express our alarm and emphatic opposition to Noosa Council plans to develop the current treed parkland area along Toulambi St. Noosa Heads, for construcion of accommodation units said to be for provision of low cost or subsidised residence units for homeless &/or intended or current employees of hospitality or other businesses in the area. Specifically this petition relates to those blocks once designated as #30 & #32 Toulambi St and any part of what might be currently

Created: 2022-01-16 Statistics

Championship Drag Racing facility to be built at The Bend Motorsport Park (Tailem Bend) SA

We, the undersigned, want and support the construction of a Championship Drag Racing facility at The Bend Motorsport Park,Tailem Bend, South Australia. This facility will provide local jobs, tourism and an economical benefit to the State of South Australia and the local region of Tailem Bend. If you are a racer or spectator of Champioship Drag Racing, or a business owner that benefits from the sport, please sign and help show that we want and need this Drag Racing facility built ASAP! Thank you

Created: 2021-11-24 Statistics

5 year extension of harness expiry for FIA 8853-2016 standard

I am a Motorsport Australia member.  We the undersigned request that Motorsport Australia permit a 5 year extension to the marked expiry date for all FIA 8853-2016 harness in use for club and state level rallies.  This practice was in place for the superseded harness standard in Australia and is currently in place for 8853-2016 by The equivalent governing body in the United Kingdom.

Created: 2022-02-23 Statistics


      This petition has been created as it has been revealed Guy is unable to renew his contract! This is due to Guy requiring 12 weeks leave to follow one of his passions, with his new contract not granting this time of leave required. Six of these twelve weeks will be during the pre-season, which has been sorted with surf sports. This outcome has been decided without following the Surf Sports Committee advise about Guy’s situation in the off season, where a solution had been put in place for m

Created: 2022-03-31 Statistics

It’s not to late the power of the people! Let’s save Greens Lake.

We have always visited the lake since moving here a few years ago. It’s disgusting and a disgrace that they are allowing this beautiful place to dry up! We enjoy the lake locals and travellers, all year round. It’s been a great place for recreational activities like boating, camping, fishing and water sports. It’s a safe place for families as small children can play along the waters edge unlike the “eroded Murray river from the Malibu’s”. Not to mention the flora and fauna that thrive their for

Created: 2022-03-09 Statistics

Please help us to receive better medical and follow up Care and Services of Arachnoid Cysts here in Australia.

My name is Leonie Axton – Hooper, I am asking for your help.   We are very behind here in Australia with treatment of patients with Symptomatic Arachnoid Cysts. It is always difficult to receive treatment as many Drs are led to believe they are non-symptomatic and not the cause of a patient's symptoms.   Due to outdated medical literature many patients have found they have not been told of findings of an Arachnoid Cyst on their brain because when undergoing a brain scan for symptoms many radiolo

Created: 2022-04-01 Statistics

Perth Tasmania Pump Track

The Perth Community continues to grow and is in need of community facilities for our community.  We seek to establish a pump and/or bike track to give children and youth a space where they can ride.  The plan is simple:  Put together a proposal, seek community and Council support; work to receive funding for the project and see the track built. As part of the process we want to show that the community wants this to happen.  Please sign this petition so that we can use your voice to add to any gr

Created: 2022-03-25 Statistics

Save this prestige coastline! ! 🐢 🌊

Here we are again..The local council doesn't approve of the blowholes shack owners current dwellings standards therefore lies on a A-classs reserve 75km north of Carnarvon. They have been deemed dangerous and that the will be demolished immediately within the next 2 weeks! They won't to remove a piece of history so they are able to develop and destroy another piece of our land once again.. These shacks have stood in their place now for over 4 generations and will stay standing for another 4 gene

Created: 2022-05-04 Statistics

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