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PLEASE HELP SAVE YOUR NO.1 HIPPY SHOP! Help us to show service NSW that they have grossly fail our business when denied the grants for lockdown. Pls Help sign and push with us to receive aid

  PLEASE HELP SAVE THAT HIPPY SHOP, LAKSHIMIS GARDEN, MAITLAND🙏🙏🙏    14 mths ago my girlfriend took a leap of faith and opened her DREAM store on the Leeve Maitland NSW.  Lakshimi’s Garden is a community based hippy/alternative/mindfulness and wellness store that was built with you…. It’s people… solely in mind where not only can u buy unique alternative/hippy goods, clothes and accessories… but Lakshimi’s Garden is also a place built to support the community in a safe and nutriting place where

Created: 2022-01-03 Statistics

Change name to Te Hāwera High School - Opposing the name Te Paepae o Aotea

Tēnā koutou katoa We are direct Tangata W'enua deacendants of Tangahoe/Taangahoe/Tongahoe/Taangaahoe/Tanga'oi.(Which ever reasonates). We are opposing the new name offered for the Hawera High school - Te Paepae o Aotea. History of Te Hāwera Britannica Informarion 1870 Hāwera, town, southwestern North Island, NZ.  The original settlement, situated on the east Waimate Plain 2 miles (3 km) from the coast of South Taranaki Bight of the Tasman Sea grew around a blockhouse built in 1870 for protection

Created: 2022-07-10 Statistics

Declare the WEF and all Associates an International Terrorist Organization

To whom It may concern. The WEF (World Economic Forum) consists of a Private Organization that not only engages Head of States and CEO's of top tier business and in general leaders of our society globally but it has programs on which they "groom" the next generation of bright young individuals into "Global Leaders of the Future". It is a fact that many of the policies currently adopted by Nation States such as the "Build back better" and Vaccine Mandates were developed by this Organization. Othe

Created: 2022-06-07 Statistics

Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk

The point of this petition is announce support for the LGBT students at the University of Reading and the larger community as a whole. On the 25th of April, a pro conversion therapy for trans people speaker was invited to the UoR. The UN has called conversion therapy torture and the talk violated several University of Reading policies but was still allowed to go ahead. The University of Reading should make a public apology as the talk was abusive, disciminatory and harassment using the UoR's own

Created: 2022-04-25 Statistics


At RMS a child named TRISTEN JAMES who has raped several girls and the school is defending him for it! He should be locked away instead of walking free to do this to more women in the future and shouldn’t be at our supposedly “safe space.” PLEASE HELP US TO LOCK HIM AWAY AND EXPEL HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE

Created: 2022-03-12 Statistics

Let Qantas flights operate between Australia and India

There are very limited flights operating between Australia & India. More than 5000 people are stranded in India needing to return to Australia and many more are looking for flights to travel from Australia to India.This impacts families, students, PR holders and their parents, Australian Indian residents and more.We raise this petition to respectfully request the Government of India to lift the travel restrictions to and from Australia, allowing Qantas to serve the thousands stuck between I

Created: 2022-01-18 Statistics

Set Raaths FREE

FATHER, DAUGHTER TO CONSTITUTIONAL COURT OVER RAPEMegan Raaths (21), who has maintained that her father, Abrie (Raaths), who is in prison since 2012 because of her rape, is innocent and now is supporting him in a last, desperate attempt to prove his innocence. Together, they are approaching the Constitutional Court (Case # CCT-110/2022) to set aside his conviction and also request that the Children's Act be amended to prevent similar incidents.Abrie, a father and husband from Pretoria, is servi

Created: 2022-05-05 Statistics

Remove the LNP from power immediately.

Little needs to be said about the reasons for removing the LNP from the leadership of this country immediately. The reasons are well known by the entire population. The primary motivation for this petition is self-preservation and the protection of the people. The LNP in their abuse of the leadership role represent a clear and present danger to the people of Australia and must be removed immediately.

Created: 2022-01-04 Statistics

Bring ALDI supermarkets to New Zealand!

I've started this petition to get Aldi to open up shops in NZ. After returning from Australia where I discovered and fell in love with Aldi for the first time. I was so impressed with the affordability, quality and range of food, clothing, house wear etc.I belive to make it more affordable for NZ consumers the supermarkets need more competition - Aldi is the answer to this and I feel it would be hugely popular here in NZ.I really belive there is a need and a market for this chain of supermarket

Created: 2017-07-06 Statistics

Sandy Creek Road V Cessnock City Council

This petition is to have Sandy Creek Road, from Leggets drive to Church street in Ellalong fixed "Properly". This road is a death trap waiting to happen. Have your say by signing this petition that will be sent to Cessnock City Council.

Created: 2022-06-13 Statistics