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Promote Greener Cars

Dear All,   This is a petition I, a student of grade 8 has created in order to raise awareness for car pollution. In fact, the SINGLE MOST issue that is contrbuting heavily to climate change, and due to which we may never be able to even live to see our next generation prosper is infact Car Pollution. With over 2.3 million deaths in India and currently 13 deaths per minute! Should we not bring a change in this? Should we not convice our government to help check every car, make it greener and sus

Created: 2022-06-05 Statistics

Petition to take legal action for defaming women by Natraj Master Alias Natraj Kasturi

Natraj Kasturi alias master has been a live participant on BiggBoss Non-stop show hosted by Hotstar and Star TV India Private Limited. During his live telecast, he has abused women calling them different animal names, body-shamed women based on appearances and insulting them and emotionally torturing them in the pretext of getting angry and losing control. He continues to do so even after coming out in various television platforms with derogatory remarks against women and their families. Kindly

Created: 2022-05-19 Statistics

Keep the Modawarre Fire Brigade Shed in community hands - "The Moriac Shed - a place for Community activities"

Big thanks to the Modarware Fire Briagade for thier keen interest in keeping their old Fire Station built by and funded by the community for the Community.    With an office and the main shed area, we have perfect opportunity for 'Mens Shed' type activities with generous offer from our neighbours at the Anglesea Mens Shed to help us set up with equipment!    Please sign our petition to ensure the Shed doesn't get lost for community use!   Many Thanks Moriac Community Network and Modawarre Fire B

Created: 2022-03-07 Statistics

Free Tamara Lich, political prisoner in Ottawa, Canada

  Free Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022. We ask for an investigation. She was arrested on charges of counselling to commit mischief. She was denied bail on the grounds of “severe" offences by the Ontario Court Justice Julie Burgeois three days ago. Bourgois ruled that “Lich had contributed to economic and social damage of the community and that in case of her release, there was a substantial” chance Lich would commit more alleged crimes, and that her continued

Created: 2022-02-28 Statistics

IKEA: pause your 27 Russian stores during the war! Let's try to make a change where we can!

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad believed he could change societies where he brings his stores. There should be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL during a time of war in Europe. Your act can have other international retail chains to follow. Spark the conversation.  IKEA has 27 stores in Russia (with e-commerce) - the same number as EU Member States. IKEA symbolically carries the blue and yellow colours just as Ukraine does. Sign this petition to encourage IKEA to lead with a symbolic example!  This petition wi

Created: 2022-02-25 Statistics

Sydney 188 Applicants

For applicants whose provisonal visa was nominated by NSW, the conditions have been changed in a way that many of them may not be able to meet the new requirements. The recent changes are as belows: 1- Net and personal assets have been increased to A$1,500,000, which was A$900,000 before. 2- "Two out of three conditions" for employees has been removed. 3- The word "NEW" has been added to employees, which is vague and confusing. 4- It has been issued that the applicant must have A$600,000 in Sydn

Created: 2022-02-14 Statistics


AN OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL HUMANITYThe most substantial environmental climate proven example. BASIC RULES FOR THE OPERATION OF A DEMOCRACY- INHERENT IN THIS PETITION. 1. The government is elected by the people to serve the people. 2. For the government to execute their duties they need to be confident of the advice they are given. THE OPPORTUNITY THIS PETITION PROVIDES FOR THE ENTIRE AUSTRALIAN POPULATION ADDRESSING CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITIES. The Australian continent offers visually

Created: 2022-02-07 Statistics

Robertstown footpaths are dangerous and uneven surfaces they need fixing now

The footpaths in Robertstown from the school to the hotel have many uneven surfaces there are many nuts and tree debris all over them leaving the unsuspected person to roll ankles and fall. This town has a great number of elderly and school children which have fallen and someone needs to be held accountable, from the tourists to the passer-by it is a unprofessional way to have a walkway that can cause bodily harm.. who wants to walk and see a town when a danger of falling is imminent.. it is a l

Created: 2021-12-11 Statistics

In Support of Academic Freedom of Expression and Critical Thought

We believe in upholding the democratic values of freedom of speech, thought, and expression. We view Academic freedom of expression in universities as paramount to the process of higher education and empirically-grounded research. The suppression of opposing views stifles critical thought and debate, which are incredibly important parts of a university education and should be promoted and encouraged in both students and staff. We strongly oppose the idea that Academic Freedom should only apply

Created: 2021-02-27 Statistics

Bring back Twinings Traditional Afternoon tea

Please Coles, Woolies and Twinings Australia, the tea drinkers of Australia implore you to bring back Twinings Traditional Afternoon tea to supermarket shelves. No other tea quite matches it's perfection. We need it in these trying times!

Created: 2020-07-22 Statistics