Automatically get first day of menstruation as a sick day from work

This petition is to get a law pertaining to the first day of menstruation as a day of leave from work, which doesn't affect annual or sick leave. Formally, there may need to be one sick day specified every month for the first day of menstruation separate from normal sick days and the need of a doctor's note. The need for this petition is evident. Not all women have issues with menstrual pains on the first day however there is a large number of women who do. Whether male or female, by signing this, you're supporting this action. One day out of a month of working or even school isn't the biggest train smash, compared to a woman being uncomfortable at work/school or having to leave because they're not able to concentrate on anything but the pain. As much as there are pain killers available for these things, pain killers are not healthy to be taken continuously during pains and cause drowsiness. Other symptoms of menstruation include nausea, dizziness and diarrhoea. Please sign this petition if you agree and share it to create awareness and bring about change. Once this has enough signatures we'll be able to get surveys done for numbers on such issues.

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