Ayurvedic Urea Official : Reduce the cost

Legitimate buyers who want to buy Ayurvedic Urea medicine are affected by the exorbitant and impossible price tag attached to original ayurvedic urea medicine. There are various buyers earth wide who are interested in buying this medicine to treat their height issues but 90% of them are unable to afford the medicine. This is causing depression in many buyers and they are looking for many ways to buy the product cheaply from various illegitimate source thus attracting the eyes of con artists who supply fake product. The biggest problem is high price which is creating panic among buyers who are deeply interested in purchasing the original product. Perhaps if the corporate eco system adopted by Ayurvedic Urea official team start treating legitimate buyers as a family buyer and family consumer and encourage them to buy the product at lower rate as opposed to what currently they are offering as price of the product, it might be possible for a larger number of buyers joining the pool to purchase which in result increases the revenue of the company selling the medicine.

We understand it's the primary function of organizations and company to maximize the profit by reducing the production costs. Ayurvedic Urea official team (ayurvedicurea.com) must take the initiative approach of targeting broader range of customers for maximum revenue by lowering the price under $1000 per pack. $1000 is the range we feel comfortable spending for the product. Therefore it's a humble request to reduct the price immediately for the sake of legitimate buyers. Please sign this petition to increase the petition exposure.

Buyers can send a copy of this petition to official team at support@ayurvedicurea.com or sharon@ayurvedicurea.com Please sign and send a copy!


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