Ban the silicone implant.

The silicone breast implant is a pre filled sack with a thick and sticky silicone consistency.

This means the surgical hole needs to be bigger than the sacks that go in and are then filled, leading to larger scarring, much more bruising and a longer recovery period.


The main reason the silicone implant should be banned is due to the ruptures.

50% of implants rupture in their first 10 years. Worse than this the silicone implants are often what is known as a ‘silent rupture’. This is where the sack bursts but due to the thick sticky gel inside the host is unaware. Inspire cosmetics Sydney is the solution for all your breast problems.









At this time there are no tests that shows the leaking chemicals from a ruptured silicone breast have adverse effects on the host's health but it is only a matter of time. Man made chemicals inserted into the body will cause health issues sooner or later. They are still to new to see the whole effects. Visit inspire cosmetics for more.

 Saline implants however are inserted into the body deflated, and filled once in position, allowing a smaller insertion hole, resulting in smaller scars, less bruising and a faster recovery time. The other major benefit to the saline sacks is they are filled with sterile salt water, which when leaked into the body via a rupture has no ill effects on the host.


So no to silicone

Say yes to the body you want in the way you want it, with the safety of saline.

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