Most popular petitions in Belgium in 2014

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Apple: we want to use 4G - LTE on our iPhones.

We want to use the 4G network on our iPhone, regardless of the Belgian network operator. We know Base & Belgacom/Proximus are trying to convince Apple to open up the 4G for their users. But we, the actual users, will also do the best we can to help them.By collecting as many signatures as possible through this petition, we want to show Apple that their users, their community and fans also have the right to make use of the 4G network on their iPhone.   For those who don't understand the quest

Created: 2013-11-22 Statistics

For a Pretty Little Liars convention in Belgium

Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, ...If you'd like to live an amazing experience with the cast of Pretty little liars, feel free to sign!

Created: 2014-06-03 Statistics

The Disney characters must stay in the Disneyland hotels

To all Disneyland Paris fans: Today received the news that Disneyland Paris wants to take away the Disney characters from the Disneyland hotels. Disney characters will only be seen in the theme parcs from then on and not anymore in the hotels. So no more Pluto, Mickey, Minnie etc in hotel Newport Bay, Santa Fe, Cheyenne etc... Sad news for all the fans because after all you pay for the Disneyland hotels because of the magic which all revolves around the Disney characters. Take away those charact

Created: 2014-01-19 Statistics


We have a Doctor in Sweden, who has saved a lot of lives, that now has lost his licence. The reason is that he with certain, more difficult cases of tick borne diseases, has prescribed longer and tougher courses of antibiotics, then what is general practice and whats allowed here in Sweden. We need help to organize support for Dr Kenneth Sandström. A doctor's primary mission is to alleviate symptoms and heal disease, which Dr. Sandström did, where other doctors for years failed to make the corr

Created: 2014-11-02 Statistics

Stop Talvivaara/Terrafame mining disaster

For the rivers and lakes - Stop TalvivaaraFinland is a land of tens of thousands of lakes and rivers.The Talvivaara polymetallic and uranium mine in Sotkamo was granted a license to mine nickel in 2006. Talvivaara has since proven itself to be a hazard for water systems on both sides of the watershed.Talvivaara mine has exceeded both estimated and permitted levels of emissions by multiple amounts.Severe damage has been caused to precious wilderness lakes and rivers as far as over one hundred kil

Created: 2012-03-29 Statistics

EKKI draga umsóknina tilbaka

Við undirrituð skorum á Alþingi og ríkisstjórn að draga ekki tilbaka með formlegum hætti ESB-aðildarumsókn Íslands nema að undangenginni þjóðaratkvæðagreiðslu.   ===== skilaboð frá upphafsmanni: Ég vil benda á að í gærkvöld fór af stað ÖNNUR undirskriftasöfnun, með mjög svipaðri áskorun en ekki samhljóða, sem hafði verið í undirbúningi nú um helgina. Ég vil eindregið hvetja ykkur öll til að fara á þá slóð og setja nafn ykkar LÍKA þar, ef þið eruð sammála þeirri áskorun. Slóðin er: http://thjod.i

Created: 2014-02-23 Statistics

Stop de Genocide in Palestina!

Er is niets minder dan een genocide gaande in Gaza. Stop de Israëlische agressor en red het leven van onschuldige mannen, vrouwen en kinderen. Dames en heren politiekers, houd u aan de bestaande VN resoluties aangaande Israel, stop met ons geld te geven aan dit apartheidsregime en DOE iets in plaats van te vergaderen en praten terwijl elke moment er onschuldigen vernederd, mishandeld en vermoord worden. Hoeveel bloed moet er vergoten worden voor jullie handelen.

Created: 2014-07-14 Statistics

Save culture! Stop the cuts!

** to sign this petition, please scroll until the end of the text. Thank you. ** In the run-up to European elections, we, in the cultural sector of society, are launching an appeal: Save culture! Stop the cuts! In Europe, art and culture are being stifled and discarded as an inconvenient burden. They are being sold off and hacked to pieces. The current policy is to cut back on public investment in culture, accompanied by the slogan that culture is nothing more than a superfluous luxury. It is as

Created: 2014-01-09 Statistics


This petition ist addressed to the EUROPEAN COMMISSION EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT EUROPEAN INTERGROUP FOR ANIMALS all in Brussels, Belgium We demand the EU Commission submits a legislative proposal for mandatory CCTV in all areas concerned with the handling and slaughter of animals in all EU abattoirs.   BACKGROUND Right now hundreds of millions of animals in Europe are at risk of avoidable suffering brutality in abattoirs across Europe. Piece-work, low-wages, defective equipment and as

Created: 2014-03-09 Statistics

Legalize Cannabis In Belgium

We must launch the debate to legalize cannabis in Belgium !! Stop the hypocrisy !! Nous devons lancer le débat pour la légalisation du cannabis en Belgique !! Stoppons l'hypocrysie !! We moeten het debat te starten voor de legalisering van cannabis in België !! Stop de hypocrysie !! Wir müssen die Debatte für die Legalisierung von Cannabis in Belgien starten !! Wir beenden die Hypocrysie !!

Created: 2012-11-23 Statistics