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Women’s Studies at Åbo Akademi University in Finland under threat

Universities in Finland, as elsewhere, are under considerable financial pressure. Åbo Akademi University, the only Swedish speaking university, in bilingual Finland is planning to let the women’s studies unit take the hit regarding the cuts of the whole Department of Social Sciences, that consists of six disciplines. The reason given for concentrating the cuts on women’s studies is that the two fixed-term budget-financed positions, which first come to an end at the Department, happen to both be

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Petition for the Gabriel Millet Collection

The Collection chrétienne et byzantine Gabriel Millet (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Section des Sciences Religieuses, Paris) is under threat! To the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes   The rich Christian and Byzantine Collection (Collection chrétienne et byzantine) of the École Pratique des Hautes Études, more widely known as the Photothèque Millet in honour of its founder Gabriel Millet, consists of more than 100000 photographic documents. Millet, a great traveller and famous archeologist

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Per nje ligj efektiv mbi Mbrojtjen e Kafshëve në Shqipëri / For an effective Animal Protection Law i

  Ju lutem shkoni ne fund te faqes per te firmosur. Faleminderit. To sign this petition, please go to the bottom of this page. Thank you.   (English and Russian version below Albanian Text)   Shkëlqesisë së Tij, Kryeministrit të Shqipërisë: I nderuar zotëri, 1. Duke pasur parasysh se është detyrë e njerëzve që t'i respektojnë kafshët dhe të garantojnë përfitimin e tyre nga legjislacioni që i mbron në mënyrë të mjaftueshme dhe të efektshme; 2. Duke pasur parasysh se kjo detyrë po njihet d

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Release from arrest Andrew and Tristan Tate, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu

Let’s show how many people support Tate brothers and the girls. They have to be released cause they’re innocent and don’t deserve these fake accusations. Not the first case of random girls, haters who’s still asleep, consuming fake news about Tate’s a d accusing them of bad things which they obviously didn’t do. They are too smart and too busy for all this, they don’t need it 💀They also very religious men. Tate financially helped Romania a lot and i think the government has enough reasons to tru

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STOP the stealthy coercion to SARS-COV-2 vaccination!

On December 28, 2020, the World Federation of Hungarians (founded in 1938) issued the following protest against stealthy coercion of SARS-COV-2 vaccines. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 27 January 2021 was the first confirming the prohibition of discrimination in the case of COVID-19 vaccinations. In articles 7.3.1, 7.3.2 and 7.5.2. of Resolution No 2361/2021.          Join us!   Let's help together Hungary to fulfil

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On the 2nd October 2020 the Rt Hon Fabien Banciryanino, a Tutsi independent Member of Parliament, was arrested by the State Police Security without any arrest warrant and is still being held in custody for three days.  In fact, the State Police Security Officer entered his house without a warrant and requested him to attend his office “in order to discuss important matters”.  It is during this “alleged conversation and discussion” that the Rt Hon Fabien Banciryanino was informed of the ground fo

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Remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht

We want to ask the city of Maastricht to remove the football goals from the basketball fields in Maastricht so we can safely play basketball whitout getting injured when we try a lay up or dunk. The football goals are preventing us from practicing the sport to the maximum. But also create an unsafe situation for players who attacking the ring with speed. We specifically talking about the 2 most used fields for basketball in Maastricht. The Griend and Sport park west. On a real Basketball field a

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Démission des Ministres de la Santé - Ontlsag van Minsters van Gezondheid

Please sign the petition if you agree that Belgium's Health Ministers must be accountable for their actions. «Bij deze aanvaarden Wij, Belgische Bevolking, het ontslag van alle Ministers van Gezondheid van het Belgisch Koninkrijk (lijst hieronder), ontslag dat effectief wordt op de dag waarop de speciale bevoegdheden van de Regering Wilmès vervallen. Wir, Volk der Belgier, nehmen den Rücktritt der Gesundheitsminister des Königreichs Belgien (Liste anbei) an; der Rücktritt wird bei Ablauf der Son

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Together we are strong! Tattoo industry back to work safely and responsibly.

      Dear artist, The extraordinary times that we find ourselves in due to CoViD-19, also has a serious impact on our industry, tattoo artists and piercers. And where up until now there has never been any single point of contact or form of unionization for our industry, we have seen the need to accommodate this. The NBTK and the Nederlandse Tattoo Bond have joined their efforts. The RIVM has asked us to present a well-substantiated plan so that we can open for our doors in the new society. We

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Remake of seven deadly sins S3

Let a-1 picture do the animation of seven deadly sins season 3 and stop censorship. Stop fan animating the fight of escanor and Meliodas  

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Open Letter to the Czech Public in Response to the Remarks of Tomio Okamura

As citizens of the Czech Republic, we are using this open letter addressed to the Czech public to express our disagreement with the remarks made by Tomio Okamura on 27 January, the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, to the DVTV media outlet. This is not the first time that a Czech politician has spoken words belittling the suffering of the people who were imprisoned in the so-called Gypsy Camp at Lety u Písku. It is not even the first time that words doubting the function of th

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Bring xelmigasx Back!

plz sign this so miguel puts his insta name back to xelmigasx thx much luv xx

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Nuka-Cola by Coca~Cola.

Understanding the success and attention that is brought through promotional marketing to the gaming community, especially in snack foods and sodas that are very commonly associated with gaming crowds, it is overwhelmingly unprecedented that a 6 pack of glass bottle CocaCola with promotional Fallout 4 packaging design dubbed "Nuka-Cola" would be successful.   After the success of Pepsi's Mt.Dew Product "GameFuel"  that assisted promoting games such as Halo 3, World of Watercraft, Call of Duty MW3

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Cannabis is a medicine

  Hello everybody... I'm working on a campagne that is pro-Cannabis. I'm fed up with the fact that Cannabis is a harddrug, while alcohol is even worse. Cannabis is a medicine and has helped a lot of people around the world by healing and threatment !! Cannabis is also a medicine for animals. I've started another page and it is named Cannabis is een medicijn (Cannabis is a Medicine). There you can read all about some positive stories which i will use during the campagne to show it to the whole wo

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Petition to remove the local police executive director, Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean

  Recipients: Dr. Dorin Florea, mayor of Tîrgu Mureș – Marosvásárhely Local council of Tîrgu Mureș – Marosvásárhely   Initiators of the present petition, ordinary tax paying citizens of Targu Mures – Marosvásárhely (a multi-ethnic town in Romania with the largest Hungarian population in Romania, nearly 60 thousands inhabitants, or 45 percent of the total population) request the removal of the present executive director of the local police - Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean - due to the followin

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Petition to declare Sandy Bay beach an Official Naturist Beach

On Sunday 14th of December 2014, on the World Naturists Day for Southern Hemisphere, Western Cape Naturist Association – WCNA , has launched on Sandy Bay a petition for this beach to be declared an official naturist/nudist beach. Many people, especially in South Africa, know that Sandy Bay is a cradle of South African naturist movement. WCNA recognises Sandy Bay as a naturist heritage site in Cape Town and this beach is visited, for decades already, by naturists from all over South Africa and t

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Pour l'intervention des casques bleu ONU sur la bande de Gaza

Signer la pétition , pour l'intervention des casques bleu (ONU) sur la bande de gaza , pour la paix entre Israêl et la Palestine. L'actualité de juillet 2014, montre des raids aériens sur la population civile, femmes, enfants, hommes, bléssés. Même des hôpitaux bombardés.  Alors manisfesté notre colére dans la rue oui, mais envoyée cette dite  pétition aux hauts responsables de l'ONU cest oui aussi. Para la intervención de las fuerzas de paz (ONU) en la Franja de Gaza por la paz entre Israel y P

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Urgent!! Save KV Turnhout!!

Let it be clear, we can't go on like this. Marcel Hendrickx, president of KV Turnhout, doesn't have a grip on the situation any more. The continued existence of the club is in danger!That's why we have to urge Mr Marcel Hendrickx to step down as president immediately to make place for someone else. We thank Mr Marcel Hendrickx for his efforts for the club in the past but now it's time to put an end to it. He should make the honorable decision to resign and give the club the chance to survive. KV

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Call on government: respect freedom of speech in France

The socialist government of France has decided to ban the freedom of speech and organization in France ( This government has declared war on the people of France by banning demonstrations to protest the Israeli war against the Palestian people. Anyone who breaks the ban faces a year in prison and a 15,000 euro fine. If they hide their faces the sentence can be increased to three years jail,

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Desigual’s Debt To Its Workers

Dear Sir, Madam, Miss, Mrs., Mr., Dr. Dear Desigual customer, A couple of months ago the Desigual brand hired over 200 girls all across the world through an agency called Matching models to host and model the launch of there 2014 summer collection in various stores across the world. The agreement with most of the girls was to do the job as well as pay for our own transport to and from the allocated stores, with the understanding that the brand would refund the girls as well as getting the paymen

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