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The teaching of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture at the University of Helsinki must continue!

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki has announced that the long-standing lectureship in Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture will not be filled when its current holder retires this year. Those of us who have signed this petition plead that a new lector should be chosen to fill the position and continue its vital academic mission. The lectureship is crucial to the academic integrity of the university, as the teaching of Graeco-Roman material culture not only support

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PETITION FOR NEW LAW FOR PERSONAL ASSISTANCE, GUARANTEEING ACTIVE AND INDEPENDENT LIFE TO DISABLED PEOPLE   Dear Sir or Madam, National Assembly Representatives, Politicians and Government of Republic of Bulgaria, Honoured Members of the European Parliament, Honoured Members of the European Court of Human Rights, To the High Commissioner of the United Nations The Republic of Bulgaria ratified the UN Convention for disabled people’s rights (The Convention) on 26th January 2012. Fulfilling our c

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BGEXIT from Everything Thrusted Upon Us To the EU, NATO, Bulgarian government, all European and world nations and most of all the Bulgarian people. We, the Bulgarian people, are for sovereign nations states that work and trade together in a liberal, voluntary cooperation and collaboration with all cultures, in contrary to dishonourable membership of organisations bearing unclear or corrupt purpose and intentions. Bulgaria's membership in EU and NATO is illegitimate because of at least the foll

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The Netherlands and the UK must hold the South African government to account!

Silent genocide - A humanitarian disaster in the making:   The human rights of European descendants in South Africa have been trampled on for years. The stories about labour discrimination, and farm-murders are getting worse every day.   I am very concerned about this development and I wish to do something!   Last Tuesday the 27th of February, the South African parliament and the government of President Ramaphosa agreed to a motion that would entitle them to expropriate the farms and land of tho

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Created: 2016-02-22 Statistics

Save homeopathy in Romania!

Homeopathy is a complementary method  recognized by WHO, a therapy practiced worldwide for more than 200 years, and whose effectiveness is evidenced by numerous scientific studies (see in the doctor's Adrian Dumitrescu article, About homeopathy research), although there are studies that deny it. In Romania, it is practiced only by specialized physicians in different fields and dentists after graduating from a two-year postgraduate course endorsed by the Ministr

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A PETITION against that disgrace, called a law for the cultural heritage (2009)

The acting Law for the Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria (enacted on April 10, 2009) turned up to be a disgraceful and shameful stain that inflicted irreversible damage to the cultural patrimonium of Bulgaria. It is unconstitutional act that trample our rights of free citizens and contradicts to the EU legal norms and standards. In many cases this law is unclear, inadequate, inapplicable and leads to absurd interpretations at court. In practice it destroyed the numismatics and free collecting of coi

Created: 2016-01-11 Statistics

Pеtition against the introduction of a ban and a sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats.

Pеtition against the introduction of a ban and a sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats in the territory of the municipality of Smolyan. The draft amendment and supplement to the Regulation on the acquisition, registration, possession, keeping and control of dogs on the territory of Smolyan municipality provides  a ban and sanction for feeding homeless dogs and cats. The proposed amendments are illegal as such prohibitions and sanctions are not provided for in the Animal Protection Act (AP

Created: 2017-07-04 Statistics

For free collecting and free numismatics in Bulgaria

This is a brief summary of a Civil petition addressed to the Minister of Culture of Repubic of Bulgaria.  

Created: 2016-06-29 Statistics

Bulgarian citizenship for the Bulgarians in the Ukraine!

Bulgarian citizenship for the Bulgarians in the Ukraine!

Created: 2015-02-03 Statistics