Bring back the Confederate Flag

By removing The Confederate Flag it Has Only Shown The Killer Of Innocent People That He Wins By Holding A Symbol And saying He Was Honoring It And Using It In A Racist manner. The Flag Doesn't Represent Hate It Represents The South. And To Take It Down All Because Of One Man Using It In A Ungodly Manner Only Shows others In Our Society If They Do The same They Can Send The World Into An Uproar Too. I Just Think This Has Been Taken Too Far To The Point Of A Race War Breaking Out And Only Adding To The Hate In This World Instead Of Helping It And That Is Not What We All need We Should Love One Another Like The Good Lord Intended And Not Spread Hate And Give A Symbol Credit For Hate And Killings If You Look It Up This FLAG does Not Represent Racisim It Is A Part Of Our Heritage And History In The South And in Our World History Books. Bring Back History, bring Back Our Flag!