Bring Casey Wheeler back as a Morgan County Rec Department Coach

This petition is to permit Casey Wheeler to be a volunteer coach once again with the Morgan County Parks and Recreation Department.  Casey has devoted the last several years, across multiple seasons of multiple sports, including extending his coaching into the summer for baseball Allstars, to coach the rising athletes of Morgan County.  Casey and I moved to Morgan County in February 2018 with the intention of establishing roots and raising our children here.  We have fallen in love with the County, the community and we enjoy contributing in any way we can to keeping Morgan County the beautiful county that it is.  We quickly recognized a need for stronger parent volunteers for coaching, parents that would truly coach the children of Morgan County and teach them lifelong strategies and dedication to strengthen them as individuals as well as in a team setting.  Casey and I have both gladly dedicated our time to your children, season after season, and enjoy watching them grow and develop.  Casey continues to cheer on each of your boys and praise them for their accomplishments,  even when they have ended up on an opposing team.  What a sign of am incredible coach that is dedictated to your sons and this communtiy!  Several of you reach out to us each football and baseball season to let us know your son is signed up and you want to make sure Casey puts your son on his team.  We have received so many messages, personal conversations and have even been told about your boys writing down in church how much Coach Casey means to them(which brings a tear to Caseys eye).  The support and love from you, the Morgan community, means more than we can ever explain.  We pray this support means our family is having a truly positive impact on Morgan and helping to raise our youth  to be successful and competitive in the coming years.  This 2022 baseball season, Casey has been told by one individual at the Parks and Recreation Department that he will not allow Casey to coach.  It appears that this decision has been made in this individuals own self interest and not with the best interest of the children of Morgan County in mind, as all other employees within the Parks and Rec Dept have stated they support Casey being a coach.  We are not sure how many more times this individual will continue to say Casey cannot coach, as his reasoning keeps changing. If you would like to see Casey return as a volunteer coach for any future seasons for your son, we ask that you please sign this petition so that we can take it to the appropriate persons and see the County continue to move in the right direction.  As for this current 2022 baseball season, please rest assured that your boys will be in good hands.  We know 3 of the 5 coaches they have and feel that these 3 individuals will do a wonderful job with your sons and seeing that they enjoy the season.  Thank you again to all of you.  With love, Britni Wheeler

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