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5 Save CSI: NY
Since September 23, 2011 CBS airs the Eighth Season of the procedural drama CSI: NY (Third Show of CSI Franchise). The Show airs on Friday at 9:00PM and its Ratings are going down weeks after weeks. So far, the Season is watched by 10.2 million viewers and its fate remain uncertain. That's why I'm looking for people who want to have a Ninth Season of the Show next Year. If you are a fan of CSI: NY...
5 World Wide Flavoured KitKats
It would appear that as citizens of the UK, we are trailing behind our neighbours when it comes to a wide choice of delivious flavours of chocolate.  Yes, we have the likes of KitKat Peanut Butter, Mint, White Chocolate but what if we could have flavours like the ones listed below? I would like to get as many signatures as possible and pass it on to Nestle UK hoping to get them to bring them as a...
5 Open a UNISA Call Centre for Students!!!
Since UNISA has closed its call centre, it has become immensely difficult to get any information or assistance in regards to studies. This is a "World Class" organization, that cannot even offer any point of contact - unless you email them - and then you STILL need to wait a few weeks before a reply!!! They should open a Call Centre again, which I am sure with enough votes the Department of Higher...
A study shows that chewing the herbal stimulant{khat or chaat}pose serious health risks for people with heart diseases.they are at high risk of getting stroke and heart failure.apparently,we somalis have to do something as we are loosing many young teenegers and middle age guys through this green leafs.AM SURE THAT OUR VOICES CAN BE HEARD IF WE ARE ONE AND SUPPORTING IT.THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS....
5 Justin Bieber in Africa
Sign this petition and share please that Justin Bieber comes to Africa. This is very important for her fans Africans!!!...
5 Where there is a smoke and dropped
In Russia the penalty for not normalized emission garbage from apartment windows on the ground. While in Europe there is a tough penalty in the amount of several hundred euros. As a result, the quality of lawns around the houses badly!
The toilet on the corner of Churchfield Peace Gardens has been used for years by Men of a certain Persuasion (Male Prostitutes). It has now got so bad round there it may as well have a red light on the roof.  Complaints have been made to South Yorkshire Police via their Crime Prevention Meetings, but their response is that while they are inside the building nothing can be done. Even though it was...
5 A Demand For Fair And Unbiased Election Reporting
Dear Friends I have given this a good deal of thought.  I have watched months of election coverage which has been so biased and unfair that I simply can not stand for this any longer.  We as Americans deserve for our media to give us fair and unbiased, as well as unfiltered reporting, when it comes to our elections.  Our candidates deserve a fair process in this country.  It is called let the best...
5 MEGEN's MAN (Men Act Now) Campaign
MAN (Men Act Now) Campaign Men for Gender Equality Now (MEGEN) engages men and boys in the promotion of gender equality, prevention of Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) and the spread of HIV & AIDS geared towards the realization of social justice. MAN (Men Act Now) Campaign is geared towards mobilizing one million men across Kenya and around the world committing to shun violence and b...
To: The South Africa Government   We, the Citizens & Friends of South Africa demand a pro-active, transparent strategy to halt the rape and violation of women & children in South Africa. This should comprise, inter-alia, of: 1. The reintroduction of specialised sexual offences units nationwide under the direct authority of the National Prosecutions Authority. These units will be...