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Strandfontein residents against moving 2000 people into the area

We as residents are against this movement. We were never consulted and request these 2000 people be moved into the leafy suburbs, to the likes of Constantia where the COCT will act more responsive in "Operation cleanup" once the countrywide lockdown is over.

Created: 2020-04-02

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Help us get harshest sentence for animal cruelty

This is the innocent victim of prolific animal cruelty, at the hands of one woman. One of 100 dead and dying dogs found at her property in Clare Estate in April 2019. All the animals were suffering from starvation, dehydration, coccidiosis (from eating faeces), disease, parasite infestations, blindness, infected bite wounds from fighting among themselves, inbred deformities, and open, foetid wounds. Of the 80 dogs found alive, not one could be saved. The owner was charged on 80 separate counts

Created: 2020-03-19

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PETISIE TER ONDERSTEUNING VAN MENEER RIAAN VAN DER WATT: Hiermee bring die ouers, belanghebbende partye en ondersteuners van Laerskool Helderkruin graag hulle misnoë onder die aandag van die Department van Onderwys. As belanghebbende partye is ons van die opinie dat die proses ter aanstelling van die hoof `n uitstekende adjunkhoof, onderwyser en kandidaat oorgesien het in Mnr vd Watt (wat huidiglik optree as adjunk hoof).  Ons versoek hiermee die department om die aanstelling van die hoof te her

Created: 2020-03-17

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South Africa has implemented one of the strictest lockdown conditions in the world during the Corona crisis. There is hardly any other country that does not at least allow people to walk around in their neighbourhoods. As pointed out by experts like Alexander Broadbent, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Institute for the Future of Knowledge (a), as well as many other citizens like poet Ntsiki Mazwai (b) who wrote a scathing open letter addressed to President Cyril Ramaphosa opposing hi

Created: 2020-03-31

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Urgent relief for Kempton Park’s homeless!

Urgent relief for Kempton Park’s homeless!     We the undersigned residents call on the Minister of Social Development and the Portfolio Committee on Health Social Development to urgently provide a budget for the creation of homeless shelters in Kempton Park. There are currently over 500 homeless people alone in Kempton Park, who sleep on pavements and open public spaces. Many of these people find themselves homeless for reasons that include poverty, prolonged unemployment, substance abuse, ment

Created: 2020-03-11

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The City of Ekurhuleni is planning to amend its Land Use Scheme to allow for taverns and spaza shops on properties zoned Residential 1.  This will have potential to dramatically change the structure and amenity of all suburban areas.  Please sign this petition to indicate your rejection of this clause in the proposed City of Ekurhuleni Land Use Scheme.

Created: 2019-11-20

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Covid 19 state of Disaster. #stayaway

Due to the Presidents declaration on the Corona virus being declared a state of Disaster. It's is of importance to highlight the fact that Pearson Pretoria is a campus that has students that may have traveled and relatives that do. On that note this petition herby requests that the institution postpone all tests and classes till a point where we as students will be assured our safety from the virus.  The petition will request that the institution will therefore act in the best interests of their

Created: 2020-03-15

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Reduce HPCSA fees for Optometrists

Optometrists pay the highest annual HPCSA (Health Professionals Council Of South Africa) fees as compared to other primary practitioners, such as Physiotherapists and Speech Therapists. This has been consistent for a number of years. Optometrists are asked to pay fees of R2470 (2020 rate), almost as much as General Practitioners (R2500 (2020 rate)) who have the title of 'Doctor' before their name, and are placed in a much higher income bracket as compared to Optometrists. Our aim, as Optometrist

Created: 2020-03-04

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Uplift ban of ciggarettes SA LOCKDOWN

We the tax paying citizens of South Africa demand our right to purchase cigarettes LEGALLY as would be the normal case of carrying out the right to  purchase food and other essentials.  Smokers DO NOT spread Covid 19 by smoking in their homes.  We are even grossly prejudiced and expect our constitutional right of choice to be reinstated. Smoking does not change behavior or create social gatherings unlike alcohol use. There is no legal or health basis to ban the use of cigarettes in a personal ca

Created: 2020-04-03

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MAN 307 Term Test 1

Good Day   It is of great concern the number of students that are complaining about the MAN 307 term test that was written (13 March 2020). Also students have stated in the WhatsApp group their difficulty in completing the term test. (Proof can be proved upon request). We are of the opinion that it is unfair to test students on concepts that were not taught to us in class or in tutorials. Why do we have tutorials sessions or lectures if the work covered is not being tested in the term test With

Created: 2020-03-13

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