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Ronzoni, Please do not discontinue Pastina!

Recently Ronzoni has discontinued their Pastina pasta. Pastina is a huge part of our Italian Culture. Many ofus were raised on Pastina and include it in our Italianrecipes. We at Mambo Italiano do hereby request that Ronzoni continue to offer Pastina in the future. This will help keepRonzoni on our Italian shelves! Please sign this petition and share.

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Hood County, Texas Petition to Investigate Abuse of Official Capacity.

We, the undersigned qualified voters of Hood County, Texas, pursuant to the Article V, Section 24 of the Texas Constitution, Penal Code, Chapter 39, Sec. 39.02. Abuse of Official Capacity, petition the Board of Trustees of the Granbury Independent School District (GISD), Hood County, Texas, (also known as the GISD School Board) to demand a fair and unbiased independent forensic investigation into the full extent the GISD Assistant Superintendent, Jimmy Dawson used GISD property, namely a Cessna

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In Favor of FUMC Maumelle Discernment

The members of FUMC Maumelle would like to support the Board member decision to go ahead with the discernment.  We feel it is important for all members of the church to have access to the information provided throughout the discernment process. We are not influencing members to vote a certain way, simply asking for the right to make an informed decision.    What is the discernment process: The discernment process was created by our Annual Conference. It is a 90 day period where we have 3 informa

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Kyiv Declaration of Security

     Taking into account the historical experience of Russia's use of military aggression, as the main tool of pressure on its neighbors and its own population, as well as nuclear blackmail in relation to the world community, as a guarantee of its impunity, I appeal to the authorities of the Russian Federation with a proposal to voluntarily abandon nuclear weapons. I believe that this refusal should be the primary condition for the lifting of international sanctions against the Russian Federatio

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Beanies SHOULD be Allowed in School

Dear, Administrators O'fallon Township High school          For schools all over America, every school always had a rule stating, "NO BEANIES, HATS, OR HOODS" which could be understood to a point. I can understand a rule between hats and hoods because with hats you can lower the lip to cover your face and with hoodies you can also hide your whole face or possibly hide somthing in the hood, but when it comes to beanies it only covers your hair and maybe your ears which does not hide you identity

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Тусгаар тогтнол хөдөлгөөний Тулгыг хэлмэгдүүлэн яллахыг эсэргүүцэж байна.

Тусгаар тогтнол хөдөлгөөний иргэн Тулгыг хэлмэгдүүлэн яллахыг эсэргүүцэж байна. 

Created: 2022-12-15 Statistics

Tovia Singer and Courtney Smith debate

For years Courtney Smith (Biblical Apologetics Youtube channel has been challenging Tovia Singer ( to debate. We want to see this debate finally happen. Tovia Singer has debated the renowned Michael Brown, William Lane Craig, and recently R.L. Solberg. Atthough this debate would be unique, for Courtney Smith is an ordinary Christian, she is a Hebrew Roots Christian. She is not Jewish and yet chooses to live a (Written) Torah obser

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Cancelation of school December 6th

We the Anton community petition that Anton Isd should cancel school Tuesday December 6th in honor of Matthew Hoover. We believe that the Anton facility and students should have a day of grievance to honor there fellow colleague / mentor. Please sign this petition and show graditude to a man who gave his all to this community and school. 

Created: 2022-11-30 Statistics

ELIMINATE all Elements of Comprehensive Sexual Education & Gender Agenda

     We, as concerned citizens of Oklahoma are deeply concerned that highly controversial “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) programs are increasingly being presented to children in Oklahoma and across America and are harming them in many ways.   What is CSE?   Alters the sexual and gender norms of society    De-constructs family   Undermines the parent-child relationship-violating parental rights    Teaches youths to advocate for their sexual rights    Indoctrinate youths to embrace rad

Created: 2022-11-02 Statistics

Furuviksparken Sweden should have an animal ban

On 14 Dec 2022, three chimpanzees where shot to death in Furuviksparken Sweden. A fourth wasshot wounded. When the monkeys escaped, Furuvik chose to take hunters there who shot(executed) them. No other optionswere tried before - even though alternatives existed. At the time of this writing, over a day after the escape, the shot-wounded monkey has not yet been treated and no one knows if it is even alive despite being inside the house! How Parks & Resorts handled this situation shows major d

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For all those who love Our Lady of America, Patroness of the United States of America. We were all introduced to Our Lady of America, The Immaculate Virgin by Sister Mary Ephrem. To know Our Lady even better, we would like to have a ground-swelling effort to embrace Sister Mary Ephrem as Servant of God.    In the Church, we understand Our Lady of Lourdes through St. Bernadette; Our Lady of Fatima through Servant of God Lucia Santos; Our Lady of La Salette through Melanie Calvat, and so on. To u

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Alternative to Roof Replacement at 2080 Ocean

As you all know, 2080 Ocean has plans to begin construction on a new roof for the building, the budget for which has been approved.   However, there may be a better solution which should be considered as it could be a considerably better yet less expensive alternative to the conventional one proposed. EverSeal is a new roofing technology borrowed from NASA that is in use by various large companies across the United States including FedEx, Holiday Inn and Avis Budget to name a few.  The technolog

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US Licensed Acupuncturists Letter to Congress

  Dear Congresswoman Chu: On behalf of the tens of thousands of licensed acupuncturists and all enrolled in our educational institutions, we thank you for being a tireless federal champion for the expansion and inclusion of acupuncture in this country. We thank you for the opportunity to submit the following amendments to the last introduction of your large bill from 2019 to expand access to acupuncture throughout federal systems. What brings us together as an identifiable practitioner group is

Created: 2022-10-25 Statistics

Oppose the Re-zone of Bayshore Village (DCI2022-00032)

On 11/17/2022 the applicant amended their plan to allow for a 4 story, 48' high hotel (up from a maximum building height of 35 feet in their previous application), change the commercial space from 150,000 sq. ft. of commercial space to 125,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, and remove some uses.  These changes do not substantially change the impacts to the community.  The amended plan still more than doubles the the existing permitted commercial space, and is more than 40% above county guidelines

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PETÍCIA podľa článku 20 ods.2 písm.d) Zmluvy o fungovaní Európskej únie (ZFEÚ) do rúk Rady Európskej únie na základe iniciatívy členov Združenia pre zdravú a spravodlivú spoločnosť (Združenie) a v spolupráci s Pro Libertate VO VECI: UMOŽNENIE RIADNEHO VYŠETRENIA PODOZRENÍ Z PORUŠENIA ÚNIJNÉHO PRÁVA A KORUPCIE A S TÝM SÚVISIACE ZBAVENIE IMUNITY PREDSEDNÍČKY EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE P. URSULE VON DER LEYEN A ROZPUSTENIE EURÓPSKEJ KOMISIE   Upozorňujúc na to, že:   1)        Výbor pre reguláciu zdravotn

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The Friends Of Kūhiō Beach Surfboard Racks wants to work with the City and County of Honolulu to rebuild the surfboard rental lockers at Kūhiō Beach Park.

BRING BACK THE KŪHIŌ SURFBOARD RACKS Please sign our petition to support rebuilding the Surfboard Racks on Waikīkī Beach. Either in the original location behind the HPD Substation or an alternative site in the same area. Following two fires that destroyed over 1,000 surfboards, the City and County of Honolulu removed the remains of the racks. The racks have been a significant fixture in Waikīkī for over 60 years and has provided a gathering place for generations of surfers, tourists, local famil

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We, studets and musicians work with our bodies every day. We are exposed to many injuris and phisical heath probles from young age. Therfore we need focus on our comfort of playing, especially when it comes to orchestra rehersals and concerts. An avarage orchestra rehersal lasts approimately 3 - 4 hours including warm up time. Most of the students have to run from classes to orchestra as well wich means the still seating time grows to a big amount of hours. Sitting can become exteremly uncomfora

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Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity   29 September 2021     The International Criminal Court Office of the Prosecutor Post Office Box 19519 2500 CM The Hague The Netherlands     And   Ms. Karen Mosoti, or official replacement for the office of Liaison Office of the International Criminal Court to the United Nations 866 United Nations Plaza Suite 476 New York, NY, 10017 USA 212-486-1346/47/62     Email:   Dear

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LPVA Congressional District 04 Convention Petition

Based on the Libertarian Party of Virginia Congressional District 04 Chair’s absence, poor leadership, and abandonment of his post, we the undersigned members of Congressional District 04 (CD04) hereby petition the Libertarian Party of Virginia to call a General Convention for CD04 on January 14, 2023 at 7:00pm at Ductz, 16420 Jefferson Davis Hwy, South Chesterfield, VA 23834. This petition is in accordance with the Libertarian Party of Virginia Constitution, Article IV, Section 2(c) and signato

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SAVING -> Dr. Howard's 10-foot-tall sculptures of Optimus Prime and Bumblee

I cannot remain quiet. Students are passionate about the transformers located on Prospect St NW in Washington DC. Only students reside on that portion of Prospect St and the transformers add character which is well-received by thousands of students from the Georgetown university community. Please sign the below petition if you would like the Advisory Neighborhood Commission to permit Dr. Howard's 10-foot-tall sculptures of Optimus Prime and Bumblee outside his Propsect Street NW home. Dr. Howard

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