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Exemption from doing community services

To: The Honourable health minister and the South African Pharmacy Council RegisterThe petition of the undersigned shows: That a significant representation of pharmacy professionals believe that: It has become notable that the government does not have the capacity / the financial means to place all prospective community services pharmacist in public institutions.   It is also saddening that government plans to place prospective CSPs at private facilities. We feel it defeats the purpose of section

Created: 2017-01-09

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 514 498

SACPCMP must fall

Let us stop the wrecking ball known as the SACPCMP! We have drafted this petition with the intention of the abolishment, suspension or for a major overhaul within the SACPCMP organisation and council. We have drafted a few concerns below, which we would like noted and acted upon, as some are significant concerns, and we have listed some suggestions of how we can try and resolve these issues once and for all. 1) Many of our members have complained that they have tried calling the SACPCMP and the

Created: 2017-08-17

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 481 472

Petition OLX to stop supporting breeders and puppy mills.

OLX is one of the largest advertisers of dogs and other pets for sale online in South Africa. This supports breeders and puppy mills at a time when pet overpopulation is rampant in South Africa. We ask that you support our petition to ask OLX to stop advertising pets for sale. Some of the advertisers are reputable breeders, but many are simply puppy mills that breed dogs and cats under less than ideal circumstances. One of the more unsavoury tactics used by these breeders is to show animals in t

Created: 2016-10-30

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 479 465

Debt Counselling Fee Review Petition

The NCR has not reviewed Debt Counselling fees in South Africa since 2010. Debt Counsellor Registration Fees, paid to the NCR, increased by 750% and all inflation related cost increased by more than 43%. The effect of the lack on a fee review for 7 years is that the provision of Debt Review services to Consumers is not financially viable. Although the NCR has been busy with a fee review since 2015 the lack of finalisation impacts the Credit Industry, Debt Counsellors and their employees as well

Created: 2017-08-08

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 466 465

ROBOT by rietvlei

We as parents of St declans and Grace Trinity need a robot by the entrance of Rietvlei Zoo Farm as cars do not even abide to speed limit or the little caution bumps. We are transporting our kids and cannot afford to take chances when crossing that road. 

Created: 2016-06-21

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 476 463

Petition to the Minister of Energy - Minister Gwede Mantashe and Minister of Public Enterprises - Pravin Gordon. Re Power outage crises in Germiston, surrounding areas and entire City of Ekurhuleni

THIS PETITION IS OPEN TO ALL THE RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES IN EKURHULENI, EVERYONE CAN SIGN THIS PETITION. We, the residents of Germiston, Gauteng, hereby petition the Minister of Energy, Mr Gwede Mantashe, to give urgent attention to continuous power outages in Germiston.  Due to the aging infrastructure in Germiston residents are outraged by the continuous failure of the equipment, including the turn-around time to resolve issues.  Many of the large area outages are reported by officials as Esk

Created: 2019-08-31

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 450 443

Free Sanitary Pads

This petition is to demonstrate the urgent call for the South African government to prioritize women and girls with regards to allocating National Government Expenditure towards the supply of FREE SANITARY PADS across both rural and urban schools, public toilets, Higher learning institutions as well as corporate working environments nationally.  It has been noted with deep grave concern that women are experiencing career setbacks as well as missed advancement opportunities (at school and outside

Created: 2017-12-23

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 531 442

Say NO to a fish meal and fish oil factory on Quay 1 in Mossel Bay Harbour

Afro Fishing (Pty) Ltd, the owner of the canning factory in the Mossel Bay harbour, is planning to establish a fish meal factory on the old I&J premises. There are also plans to expand the canning factory to accommodate red herring, anchovy and other fish species for the international export market. Residents feel the potential impact of the stinky fish meal factory on the tourism industry and the overall image of the town as a coveted holiday destination, will be devastating. If you are aga

Created: 2019-02-26

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 448 437

Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road

​Have your say! Notice was given on 27 September 2017 to permanently close the gravel section of Railway Road to vehicular traffic.  This road section is situated on the western side of the railway line that cuts through Kraaifontein and Joostenbergvlakte.  Reasons stated:  For many years the gravel section was used as a convenient shortcut between the two areas as an alternative to using the N1.  *This however is NOT the only purpose of this road.  Railway road is our "safety net" in the event

Created: 2017-09-28

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 427 425

Germiston Lake Events & Functions

We, the residents of Germiston, Wards 35, 36, 37 and 39, hereby petition the MMC Dorah Mlambo of Community Services and MMC Vivienne Chauke of Community Safety to consider the residents in the Germiston Lake area, when approving functions at the Germiston Lake. Weekend after weekend we, as residents, are subject to functions / parties with loud music that continue until the early hours of the morning. The traffic and noise bylaws should be enforced by the EMPD at every function that is taking pl

Created: 2018-09-28

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 416 409