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Have golf re-instated as a permitted activity during COVID-19

With golf only recently closed under COVID-19 government controls it is hard to understand why this drastic action was taken. No infections had been traced to a golf course and the rules that clubs put in place to ensure social distancing was maintained worked well. Members and social players took it seriously and everyone got some exercise in groups of 2 and improved their mental health. What I am asking is that the governments in Australia reverse their decision and allow golf to be permitted

Created: 2020-03-31

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Tamika's back rub

My brother, Liam Galton, is a loser who won't give Tamika a back rub.  Help Tamika get this back rub!

Created: 2020-03-30

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Name the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams.

This petition is to show support for the naming of the NorthConnex Tunnel after Jim Adams who lost his life during the construction of the tunnel on May 23rd 2017. To name this tunnel after a well respected man is a small token of appreciation for both the memory of Jim and his family.

Created: 2020-03-30

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462/417 working holiday visa type request frozen expiry date due to COVID-19

We sincerely request to frozen 462/417 working holiday visa expiry date because we are unable to depart the border in time due to less flights while change to other visa type (limited visa type can be apply) cost a lot especially when a majority of Australians lost their jobs. Currently there's no vaccine for COVID-19 and many working holiday visa holders get stuck in Australia. We want to obey restriction rules from what Prime Minister Mr.Morrison announced which is to stay at home and self-qua

Created: 2020-03-29

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Financial Support for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia - COVID 19

Due to the covid-19 pandemic a lot of temporary visa holders in Australia (visitor visas, student visas, 482 visa holders, working holiday visas), have been left unemployed and stranded in Australia. So far, The Australian Government has done nothing to support temporary visa holders in Australia. It has not provided a clear indication of what, if any financial support will be provided. Temporary visa holders need help and we request the Australian Government provide a clear answer to them.   We

Created: 2020-03-26

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Moreland Council don't use Covid19 to delay MITS parking restrictions

We petition Moreland Councillors at March 25, 2020 Special Council meeting not to use the Corona Virus crisis to delay indefinitely the rollout of parking restrictions in Moreland activity centres that are part of the Moreland Integrated Transport Strategy (MITS) implementation. The need to apply social distancing due to #COVID19 has anecdotally seen a major cycling increase in Coburg and Brunswick as public transport use has declined. (Note 1)  Parking restrictions are needed to continue to pr

Created: 2020-03-21

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Put the SWEK District in LOCKDOWN

Please keep the SWEK district free of Corona-19. If it reaches the Kimberley's it will have catastrophic effects with many deaths.  I implore the local government to take decisive action NOW. Shut down our regional airport to everyone except essential (food/medical) services.  Shut the highways down into our Shire. No backpackers, no tourists. No-non essentials (food/medical suppliers only). Returning residents need to be isolated and this needs to enforced.  Please step up and save our Shire wh

Created: 2020-03-20

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Ask Netflix to show 'Running for Good'

Right now people are more scared than they have ever been. They are desperate for a solution to the global crisis we are in ...and this is it - backed up with 50 years of action and implementation - read on... 'Running for Good' is a documentary featuring the life and journey of Fiona Oakes who has overcome monumental adversity throughout her life and despite serious illness and the loss of one kneecap today holds 4 Guinness World Records in marathon running as well as running Tower Hill Stables

Created: 2020-03-20

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STOP Zynga closing Star Wars: Commander

Please make Zynga reconsider their decision to shut down the game Star Wars: Commander Sign Now !  

Created: 2020-03-14

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Premises Licence of The Roundhouse Dagenham

We are kindly asking all devoted customers, regulars and the local community surrounding The Roundhouse Pub & Events Hall to sign this petition to keep the venue and its famous history in existance.  The Roundhouse is home to several residential live bands and Dj's on a weekly basis to keep the history of live music alive! The Events Hall is also home to several darts and boxing clubs which holds championships and tournaments for juniors up to seniors, here we also hold live music events wit

Created: 2020-03-11

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