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Justice for Jordan and Galaxy

      To James Weatherup Chairman of Oswego County Legislature, District 9   From:  The Citizens of Oswego CountyWe, the citizens of Oswego County, New York, demand the immediate termination of Stacy Alvord, the Oswego County Commissioner of Social Services on the grounds of repeated gross incompetence that lead to the deaths of Jordan Brooks and Galaxy Ellis-Cruz among other unforgiveable systemic problems in that department.  Anything less than termination would be a grave injustice, and would

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Stop Florida Shark Fishing Tournaments

It is crazy in the year 2022 we are still having conversations about barbaric, egocentric, brutal and simply unnecessary shark fishing tournaments! It is a topic ignored by the likes of FWC and NOAA, A topic that is constantly bought up and disregarded in many commissioner meetings. We hear worldwide of the depletion of shark species, the constant threats of finning and the long gestation period taken to reproduce these essential animals in our oceans. There is no lie at the wording "sharks are

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Raise Employee Pay

  For those who are unaware, business leaders across Los Santos have been requesting a pay increase for employees for a long time. However employee pay has largely remained unchanged, and the government has yet to prioritize this issue. As a result, jobs like Lumber and Mining have historically been the preferred choice of employment for new residents, as they offer the best and most consistent source of income available. This dynamic has resulted in fewer businesses being open, as owners are u

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Dear Mr. President of the wonderful and heroic Ukrainian Nation! 

We evangelical Christians look with great admiration, prayer, and real support of many of our churches at the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian barbarism. We admire your Nation’s devotion to your homeland, your unity in the face of Russia's aggression, and your concern for your women, children, and the elderly. We assure you that especially Ukrainian orphans, widows, and others in need will continue to be provided with our necessary help until the complete victory over Puti

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End the 1pm cutoff for turkey hunting in Alabama

This petition is to end the 1pm cutoff time for turkey hunting in Alabama, time spent in the woods has nothing to do with a legal quota but harms our traditions...we want to be in the woods weather successful or not...limiting daily daylight time to hunt in absolutely unAmerican and needs to end! Thank you for your signature and love of hunting~

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Residential Petition - Town of Loomis. Say No to application #21-04 RV Campground on Brace Road

We are against the building of an RV campground on Brace Road.  Here are some of the reasons why. 1) Traffic will be impacted and the heavy trailers (some over 30,000 pounds) will damage the already distressed road and put in danger bikers along Brace Road. 2) If trucks miss the turn off they will be forced to turn around potentially on private roads down the street. 3) There is no freeway access putting the burden of traffic on Brace road which goes through residential neighborhoods. 4)  No tho

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Save the Park

                                      SAVE THE PARK Petition       Balboa Park – the “Jewel of San Diego”, is suffering from blight caused by homeless encampments and the behavior of certain individuals who have chosen to live in Balboa Park. The San Diego Police Department has been instructed by the City Attorney’s office to use “progressive enforcement” against those who camp illegally in the park. This approach is intended to be compassionate towards those who are homeless, but instead gi

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Keep Coach Lauren for Varsity Cheer

The parents of Southold Varsity want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Coach Lauren for making this Southold Varsity cheer season a tremendous success. With her leadership and dedication, the team took 3rd place in the county for the first time ever!!!!  With that in mind, we are petitioning to ensure that she secures the opportunity to lead our girls to success once again!! We are requesting that the Southold Athletic Department allow Coach Lauren a second coaching season. 

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We, the undersigned call on the Columbus Consolidated Government's Parks & Recreational Department to move the CYSC fields to a safer location.   We have very serious concerns about the safety of the children and families playing soccer at CYSC. In one week's time, we learned of an attempted abduction at the soccer fields, and later  heard multiple rounds of gunshots in the neighborhood across from the fields one evening at practice. This is not the first time we have heard multiple rounds o

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cancel math with letters

it's math with letters it's jus extra there's not need  think of all the headaches it causes to the youngsters 

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To Remove The Crown, President, VP, Govt, NWO, WEF, AMA, ANA, CDC, & Corportions.

For the past two years, our global governments and their fiendish cohorts have committed crimes against humanity in the name of pseudo-scientific clinical trials known as bioterrorism, eugenics, and genocide on a worldwide scale involving every citizen in the world. Corona, also known as the Crown, poison was known to kill an undisclosed amount of innocent people with biochemical warfare to succumb to the death of a chemical cocktail overkill that was never approved by the FDA or released with c

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TO THE CITIZENS OF RUSSIA / ГРАЖДАНАМ РОССИИ / OBČANŮM RUSKA an open letter / oткрытое письмо / otevřený dopis   On February 24, 2022, we, the citizens of Europe, awoke to war in Europe. We continue to watch the suffering of Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine with horror and regret. All of us, even those who feel that the war does not affect them and that it is a distant political game, are now trapped by this war, which destroys human lives and only brings misfortune with it.   Kremlin propag

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Fund the park that Northwest Fresno deserves

I support fully funding a well-amenitized park at Parc West. As someone who has a vested interest in this park, either as a current area resident or as a future resident of Parc West, I support the development of this park as envisioned by Granville Homes. I believe a park with these amenities would benefit this underserved part of town, and I would like to see the city use the area residents’ park fees as they were intended: by fully funding this park as it has been designed.  

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Mercisha Tedpaul was strangled and beaten to death two weeks ago. Her body was thrown into a ditch. She was not murdered by strangers. She was murdered by people she lived with, people she considered family. She leaves behind two little girls, aged 7 and 3.  Help us lock these Monsters away. They dont deserve bail. They dont deserve life. Please add your name to this list It will be handed into Court as evidence that justice needs to be served and that enough is enough.

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Support Corinne McCann Refuting Drug Patch False Positive Results

Judge Garrett informed me in a court hearing that if any future drug sweat patch results come back positive, he'll put me in jail with no bond until my case is resolved. I have been clean and sober for 265 days today. I have now had a false positive test result come back from Feb 22. I have had multiple random UAs, hair tests and oral swab tests during this time period, as well as a lab hair test from March 11, every one of which have been negative for all drugs. The placement of the drug patch

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TO THE The Canadian Prime Minister     Justin Trudeau Deputy Prime Minister                Chrystia Freeland                                                Minister of Defence                     Anita Anand                                                        Canadian Ambassador to UN       Bob Rae                                                            Leaders of Opposition                  Candace Bergen, Jagmeet Singh                    President of the EU                      Ursula vo

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At RMS a child named TRISTEN JAMES who has raped several girls and the school is defending him for it! He should be locked away instead of walking free to do this to more women in the future and shouldn’t be at our supposedly “safe space.” PLEASE HELP US TO LOCK HIM AWAY AND EXPEL HIM FOR WHAT HE HAS DONE

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Preserve NYC Employees' (Active & Retired) Healthcare

Over 240,000 people who have faithfully served New York City for decades, including through some of the most turbulent times, are now extremely vulnerable due to age and disability and are at risk of losing their current health benefits.  The latest effort to force us into a Medicare Advantage plan was halted by a New York State Court, but more attempts to renege on promised healthcare are on the horizon.  It is not just former employees who should be concerned. How long will it be before the cu

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Change for Landron

We are speaking to Mr. Crib about Ms. Landron's grading and workload in comparison to her teaching. Many students have been falling behind due to the constant assignment of packets and other types of busy work which do not get graded till later in the quarter. We are just doing this because it's hard but because we are not learning!

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We request that Senator Hawley & Senator Blunt meet with The People’s Convoy

We support The People's Convoy. We have had our voices suppressed for two years. The convoy is giving the people a voice, at a time when it is so crucial that we be heard. We cannot all come to Washington DC and meet with our representatives. We therefore request that our elected officials meet with the representatives from the convoy. We expect that our voices will be afforded due consideration, and that those who have come to Hagerstown will be granted an audience. Further, in alignment with t

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