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Petition to stop Ivy Board from accepting Master Association settlement

Whereas: The Ivy Board has a fiduciary and ethical duty to represent the best financial interests of Ivy owners, including oversight of funds to stop improper self-enrichment; Your Ivy Representative to the Master Association, Christine Michaels, has been unlawfully excluded from The Master Association meetings where critical lawsuit issues, including possible settlement, has been discussed; additionally she has been illegally ejected from Master Association without them having even legal right

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No Lights at Cornerstone Park

We are opposed to lights being installed at Cornerstone Park as it will impact all of the surrounding communities quality of life for following reasons: Youth baseball light standards are between 40 and 100 feet. The height of the lights will detract from the beauty of the neighborhoods. Seaside values are finally being recognized. ALL HOMES in Seaside and Plantation property values will be negatively affected with the addition of lights.  In 2008 the county committed to never install lights, an

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Bring Back Stainless Steel Swarovski Crystal Rivets

Have you been looking for stainless steel crystal rivets? Swarovski is the only company that makes stainless steel crystal rivets. Yes you heard it right Swarovski is the only company that makes stainless steel Crystal Rivets!! How on earth will we dazzle our dog collars, belts, shoes, hats and purses knowing that they could rust?? Sign this petition with me and help me bring back Swarovski Crystal rivets to business owners, and hobbyists around the world. Don't settle on quality your items are

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Petition to City Council, City of Peosta, Iowa

Petition summary and background: The City of Peosta is considering a re-zone of SW SW – SEC 03 T88N R1E; LOT 2 CLEMENS ADDITION; from A-1 (Agricultural) to M-2 (Heavy Industrial). Currently, this area is being used as a private quarry and this re-zone opens it up to a host of industrial use options, including sanitary landfill, junk yard, salvage yard, sewage or garbage plant, rock quarry, etc.  Location is shown on the attached letter below, this is the property on the North side of the railroa

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Unban Angelika 🥺

Pls unban Angelika from the "A Group Where We All Only Complain" group on Facebook!

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In the support of Joe L. Williams

Hello everyone. Some of you who know me may also know my boyfriend Joe Williams... On February 3, 2022 he was arrested and wrongfully accused of something he didn't do... Someone made a statement saying that he was at the scene of a crime that took place resulting in a victim getting stabbed multiple times...He is now being held in Aiken County Detention Center on behalf of the situation with no bond. No evidence had been sent in to his PD for the incident...Their basically holding him for no re

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LOS ANGELES & SURROUNDING REGIONS ASSOCIATE AGENTS SEEKING COMPENSATION THAT ALIGNS WITH THE CURRENT HOUSING MARKET AND RECENT COST OF LIVING EXPENSES. Redfin has positioned itself as a full-service brokerage and #1 nationwide brokerage site in the US, combined with our own technology and real estate agents to make buying or selling a home faster, easier, and more efficient. As Associate Agents in the Los Angeles and surrounding Markets, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with Redfi

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Diego's Riding Recovery

I made this petition for Diego to be able to ride again. As many of you may know, he recently broke his ankle, and his parents won't allow for him to ride anymore. Meaning they're forcing him to quit. I don't know about any of you reading this, but Diego has brought a lot of joy and freindships into my life through scootering. The last thing I would hate to see is him not be able to do something that he loves and has spent so much time working hard at to come to where he is today. If you agree w

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Learnhub Movement

Learnhub Learnhub is a genuine and genius idea that can replace the well known Google Classroom into something more engaging. This idea provides a relatable concept, and is very easy to remember because of it. Google Classroom is a mouthful and contains four syllables, While Learnhub is an easy two syllables.

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League of concerned gentlemens petition to rename the Cleveland Guardians the Cleveland Shmindians

Because anything is better than the freaking Cleveland Guardians! 

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