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we're tired of doing hw

im literally so done there are so many reasons why we shouldnt have to do so much homework like we already do so much work in class.. reasons on qhy there shoul dbe no homework: 1) it makes us stressed 2) we get tired 3) we shouldnt have to spend a whole week making a little sign 4) etc etc just no more homework it's abuse pls

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Petition to NOT do a presentation

We the students of AMS do NOT Want to do a presentation nor present it because of public speaking fear and anxiety and our 7th-grade teacher, Lisa Schillaci is trying to force us to do it when we will do the work, we just don't want to have to stand up and be embarrassed in front of our peers and my survey states that 23/26 students want to sign the petition and not present, but instead, do a project and not present it and have our own private thing that other students can't laugh at or judge. P

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Making A Sabrina x Reader book

Do i really need to add more? Sabrina said that we need 50 signatures for her to make a Sabrina x Reader and i plan to make that happen. 

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Stop the fill of the Mast Canal

Neighbors along the Mast Canal in Southeast Cape Coral do not want a portion of the Mast Canal filled to accomodate a Tommy's Express Car Wash. The manatees and dolphins that come up this canal may disappear along with other wildlife. There are already plenty of car washes in Cape Coral. The Tommy Express Car Wash wants to fill in 80 feet at the end of the Mast Canal. The use of chemicals create a potential for a dangerous spill into the canal.  This could cause great harm to the Mast Canal and

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We the students at Leaders of Tomorrow are interested in having an art elective added to the school program in Fall 2022.

 We the students of Leaders of Tomorrow are united in requesting an Art Program for the Fall 2022-2023 school year. Including an Art Program elective will allow students the opportunity to express themselves in a non violent way. Students will be able to build their artistic skills as well as communicate their feelings in a health way.  According to Riley, Shirley. " Art Therapy with Adolescents." Western Journal of Medicine, July 2001, art helps raise self esteem, improve social behavior, helps

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Interlock put me & my child in danger!!

I need this device gone now : this device has put me & my child in danger !! This device has interfered with my car & my job. I’ve been stranded for over 5 hours in an unsafe location in 80 degree weather. I passed my blow test & the vehicle did not start. I have to pay for babysitters , tow trucks , & Ubers .. 

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Stop supporting climate-denying companies.

This petition is a pledge for people to stop supporting companies that encourage climate denying science and do bad and not eco-friendly practices. We are making this pledge to get people to think about the companies that they support, and to make these companies understand that if they don't believe what science tells us they should do or just ignore it and make the climate worse, we will not support them.

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End the Mandates, U of I Boise

Petition to End the Mask Mandate at The University of Idaho College of Law, Boise The time has come to end the mask mandate that was instituted because of the COVID-19 crisis that began over two years ago.  Each student has various tools to combat any concerns regarding COVID-19 such as vaccinations, distanced learning, and the option to mask based on personal preference.  The views of everyone at this school are incredibly diverse, and conformism to one viewpoint, and one line of behavior shoul

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Tell the APCA That We Want a Say in Our Zoning Changes

  Just as we did not want the City of Atlanta to impose a zoning change on our neighborhood without consulting us, we do not want the APCA to impose one on our neighborhood without consulting us.    As a neighborhood, we deserve to be able to evaluate the four different options available to us:  1) Historic District  2) Landmark District (like Druid Hills) 3) Conservation District (like Brookwood Hills)  4) No change/better enforcement of existing zoning   To our knowledge, there has not been a

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Free Tamara Lich, political prisoner in Ottawa, Canada

  Free Tamara Lich, a major organizer of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022. We ask for an investigation. She was arrested on charges of counselling to commit mischief. She was denied bail on the grounds of “severe" offences by the Ontario Court Justice Julie Burgeois three days ago. Bourgois ruled that “Lich had contributed to economic and social damage of the community and that in case of her release, there was a substantial” chance Lich would commit more alleged crimes, and that her continued

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